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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Just us in the campground. Getting more tripical now - we can hear all kinds of different birds making noises in the trees.
Well it's Tuesday morning and it has been raining all night. Sun peaked out for about 10 minutes this morning then went back to bed. It sure smells cleaner out though. Poor plants were brown with all the dust on them. Have gone out to dinner a couple of times and hunting churros - got there to early to get any. Have reservations for dinner for New Years Eve - just hope we can stay awake long enough to see the New Year in.
Mazatlan has grown since last year.
I made a bunch of changes to my blog so mainly just posting this to see if they work or not. Only showing one day at a time now instead of two. Might not like that. Also added a share button. But not sure how it works.
Did laundry yesterday and stayed around RV park. Later today if the sun comes out I want to go to the old area and take a picture of the Christmas Tree in the church plaza. It is made out of plastic bottles filled with colored water - really neat. But have to wait for the sun to come out.
Oops - put the awning out yesterday and now it doesn't want to retract. So different from Alfie where we just push a button and it does it all by itself. This one has be to opened and closed by hand.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Returning to Mazatlan

Just a note - On Christmas Day we drove into Guasave and much to my surprise Wal*Mart was open and full of people. Guess business has taken over everywhere.
One final gorgeous sunset in Las Glorias then on down the road the next morning.
We all split up leaving there. Don and Sandy went to Colsala up in the mountains. Their rig is smaller than Jennie and they aren’t towing a car. Lacey and Luis left for Mazatlan after packing up their Land Cruiser. (Their web site is LostWorldExpedition.com if you’d like to check it out.)
We also left for Mazatlan but we took the toll road. Just a shot of some of the peanut fields around Las Glorias lots and lots of them.
That was a very good highway and it should be it cost almost $70 for 225 miles. Seemed like there was a toll booth every 30 kms. We got to Las Jaibas RV Park around two after leaving Mr Moro at 9. We’re parked in the back again and the front of the place is filled with snowbirds from Canada.
Got set up and put the satellite dish up – oops – it wouldn’t lock on to a signal. POOP. So I told it to search again and forgetting I did that we jumped into Willie and headed out to get something to eat. Luckily we changed our mind and turned around and came back after driving through town. Luckily because the darn satellite dish was just up there spinning and spinning around. Had to shut it all off as all the boxes were HOT. So just left it alone – didn’t feel like dealing with it until later. To finish that story before going on to another – we went out to dinner and when we came back Bill turned it on up it went and everything connected fine. Now I’ll just hold my breath for a couple of stops. To make sure that doesn’t happen again. Bill says “It’s the most expensive piece of SH** trouble there is.” Sometimes I tend to agree.
We decided to go out to dinner to the Plaza Machado in the old district. It was decorated to the hilt.
Full of people and music. Each restaurant, and there are about eight, had their own entertainment.
Sat at a table set out on the blocked off street and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Bill had a hamburger and I had BBQ Ribs – listed on the menu as “BBQ ribs with our secret sauce you don’t know French fries and cole salad.” Nope not sure what that means but they were very good and lots of them. And the Cole salad was not cole slaw like I expected but a cold salad. And I’m assuming the don’t know was about the secret sauce not the French fries. Every once in a while we run into an interesting translation.
First morning we haven’t had to use the heater to take the chill off. Lots more of Mazatlan will follow.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Feliz Navidad from Las Glorias

Christmas Day – Feliz Navidad to all.
This was the sunset last night over the restaurant in the RV park – we ate Christmas Eve dinner there.

Been keeping busy. Twice we have driven into Guasave. Had one really Norte Americano day there. Went to a mall – it even had a food court with Chinese Food, Pizza and Hamburgers. Then to Burger King for lunch and to Wal*Mart to buy Hagan Das Dulce de Leche ice cream – my favorite. The deli girls in Wal*Mart even made Bill potato salad while we waited.
Then found a flea market area where there were all kinds of stalls most with kids’ toys for sale. And a churro man. He used to work with the guy from El Fuerte. Had the same set up and delicious churros. What more could we ask for.
I’m finally feeling better after my venture into Jimmy Buffet Margaretville.
We’ve been enjoying the location and the company in the RV park. Drove down the beach again yesterday and suddenly we found a fairy princess posing on the sand. It was her 15th birthday – she was beautiful. Family was taking pictures of her. You can’t see them but she had on silver high heels!

Looking out the front window I can see six big fishing boats with their nets out way out on the Gulf waters. I guess they work every day.
Just met a couple who pulled into the campground last night they are driving a LandCruiser and on their way to South America.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Days on the beach

Wednesday – Last nights sunset – very pretty.
Woke this morning to the sound of the waves crashing and rain on the roof. Just yesterday someone told us it never rains here in December. So much for never. Didn’t last long but made for a beautiful sun rise.
I think we’ll have a warm humid day. The air is sticky already. And the water is kind of a dark army green color – not pretty.
A couple of days ago, before margaritas, we drove as far south on the beach. Next to the campground are a lot of houses in all states of repair or as The Driver calls them “arrested decay”. Here are a couple. This is one of the nicest ones, appears to be newly built and painted.
This one is built up on stilts and doesn’t look like anyone has been taking care of it.
And this used to be a swimming pool that was built on the beach side of the house. Some storm in the past destroyed it and again the house looks abandoned.
Beyond the houses are a lot of open air restaurants. And they were pretty busy. Three of them had strolling bands playing for the people.
And of course the little stands selling???
On down the beach we went till we came to a breakwater with lots of families out on it fishing and just enjoying the day.
One group was playing soccer with a beach ball in the sand. Others were sitting around playing and listening to music.
We followed the road inland and came to a little village that backed up to an estuary that was full of colorful pangas. And for every five boats there was a little restaurant selling, camaron (shrimp) , pescado (fish), filete (filet of fish) and gazolina.Interesting combination.

here were all kinds of birds there just waiting. The garza, blue heron and something brown with a long bright orange beak. Need to get a picture of it. And the inevitable vehicle with the big speaker.
The lady of this house was selling bread.
From there we got back on the beach and drove north. Again came to a very popular place for fishermen and their families. This is the week before Christmas so a lot of people are off work and enjoying their time with their families.
Watched as one two-wheel drive pickup got stuck in the sand and had to be pulled/pushed out. Even with Willie in four-wheel drive he was groaning and fishtailing. What were those guys thinking? Trying to impress their buxom girl friends I guess.
The we came across an old red car stopped in the middle of the trail. It wouldn’t start so Bill Got out his trusty portable battery charger out of the back of Willie and got them started right up. Making friends. Stopped to watch an old man in his gray shirt and slacks and ball cap fish with a net. He’d throw it out then slowly pull it back in.

He said he was fishing for bait. Didn’t seem to be catching much though. Stopped and talked to a man and his very pregnant wife.
He was fishing and she was relaxing. He explained that they came out to enjoy the day. If he caught anything it was good luck. While talking to them a white truck came by selling strawberries and cream and ice cream. He was getting a lot of buyers.
Saw one really, really dirty SUV with this written on his back window “No es tierra. Es protector solar” translates to “It’s not dirt it is solar protection.” Thought that was pretty funny.
Everyone is so friendly. And lots of laughter, music and good times. Everyone from old men and women to babies. Whole families having a great, inexpensive afternoon. Surprisingly enough there were a lot of ATVs there too – running up and down the beach and over the sand dunes. Some with up to six people on them.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Arriving at Las Glorias

Leaving El Fuerte we took the other road back to MX15. The one that took us right into Los Mochis. Much better road – most of the way – it went through several small towns which is always interesting. Saw some wonderful OLD trees along the way.
So big around. Lots of farming. The inevitable cows and goats and food stands along the way.
Only stayed on toll road for a little ways – the last couple of stretches of this trip we’ve managed to avoid a couple of toll booths. Hooray! Stopped at a supermercado to buy wrapped candy as we knew that on one section of the road to Las Glorias the kids come running to the road when they see an RV. Sure enough – got rid of a whole bag.
The road kind of wanders through the countryside. Share it with lots of farm equipment who are never in a hurry and always end up behind them when the road is too narrow to pass safely. Really get to watch the scenery.
Got to Las Glorias and made the turn onto the big divided street –
would you believe it is still not repaired. This time we got to go down it a couple of blocks before we had to turn towards the beach and finish the journey on the sand.
But they’ve been using it enough that by now it is pretty hard packed, not like last year.
We’re staying at Mr. Moro again.
Really nice place and empty – only two other rigs here and no one in the hotel. (read in the Mexican paper that tourism is down 40% this year. Fear and the economy I guess. Too bad.) Horiatio the manager even remembers us. He wondered where the Alfa was. They have a good restaurant here, went there for dinner a couple of nights ago and I had two margaritas – never again. Spent most of yesterday in bed. Even the waves were making too much noise! Didn’t even want to look at the computer. Better today so will add more later about our trip up and down the beach.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

El Fuerte - Our days there

Get a drink and put your feet up this is a long one. We kept pretty busy while in El Fuerte. One day we went for a slow boat ride on the river. We were picked up at the tour office and driven down to the Indian village where the boat was stored. Our guide hooked it up to his suburban and away we went to the river. Backed the truck into the water and unhooked the boat. We got in and started our slow trip back towards town. No motor, just oars. At least he was rowing with the current. Kind of neat and sure quiet. Saw lots of birds but most were too far away to get a decent picture of. A blue Heron They call this a Garza think its an Ibis We made one stop along the river and hiked up into the hills to see some petroglyphs. The trail up. Very interesting. Just a couple of many. According to the historians there has been some type of Indian village in the area for over 3,000 years. The hill they are on was considered sacred and the elders would go up there and use peyote among other things. Nope we didn’t get to do anything but look. Back in the boat we passed these Indian women washing their clothes in the river. Back in town we visited the museum. It is a replica of the old fort from which the town got its name. Built in basically the same area up on top of a little hill next to the river. Lots of interesting information about the region and town. A couple of not connect things that caught my eye were an old electric bookkeeping machine like I used to run when I first got a job in a bank right out of high school – IN A MUSEUM – what does that say about me. And an oil painting of an old man’s eyes. It was beautiful. There are a couple of REALLY nice hotels in town. Went in and looked them over. The most spectacular one I didn’t have my camera with me –gasp!- but it was like going into a museum of all the art in Mexico. Spectacular. It was a 300 year old hacienda restored. The other hotel was more modern but still has a claim to the olden time. Legend has it that at one time on that site there was a home built by Señor de la Vega. So? Well he was the father of ZORRO!!!! Supposedly the young Zorro lived there until he was ten years old. So of course the hotel makes a big deal of that. With statues and a happy hour every night where Zorro shows up and sings and dances. There was a tour group in town so I convinced Bill I NEEDED to see Zorro. So we went there for happy hour and got treated to songs and merriment. Kind of silly but fun. Another night we listened to the high school marching band practice in the plaza. (will add video at the end - just sound too dark to see.) The girls played the drums and the boys the horns. According to the guard right across the street at the municipal building – it’s the only place they can practice without disturbing a whole neighborhood. Of course we found a churro man. Every evening after five he sets up his equipment on the corner of Zaragoza and 16 de Septiembre. He had his big bowl of oil, only the best corn oil – he showed us the bottle, his big bottle of propane for the fire, a metal table with a canopy and a girl to cut the churros into pieces and roll them into the sugar mixture. They were sold by the bag full. They were delicious. He’s been making a living this way for 17 years. The Driver enjoying the churros We found a couple of good restaurants. One right downtown the General. Had beef tips with peppers and onions, Bill had arrachera, a think cut of steak cooked special. Both were delicious. Then we went back there another afternoon and found the tour group there. Much to our delight the restaurant put on a show for them and we got to watch. Beautiful young women from the village came out in costumes that told stories about Mexico, the beaches, the agriculture, the culture. Really nice. The other restaurant we went to after the boat ride. It is right on the river. From our seats we could men in boats setting out their langostinos de aqua dulce, crawdad, traps. We had a specialty of the region; Lobina – bass – stuffed with bacon and cheese. It was pretty good, except we couldn’t taste the fish at all. Two different nights while we were walking around town we found Christmas processions. Mary on a burro with Joseph leading her. Three Kings, angels, peasants, devils and people walking behind with candles. All in costume. The second one was quite elaborate. There was a truck with musicians and at one corner they stopped and put on a whole play about Mary, the devils and the angels and the peasants. Then on to knock on doors looking for a place to stay. As they passed by homes people would come out and sing with them. Both nights we followed them and were made to feel that we belonged there. Another afternoon there was quite an event put on in the plaza by a local radio station. A couple of different groups playing music and singing. At this event there was a raffle – a couple of the things raffled off were – baby clothes and a chicken. Never did figure out what they meant by a chicken. Live? A dinner? From a grocery store? Everyone had fun. Just noticed this - old arches but check out the light bulbs - new energy saving ones As we drove by the schools Friday the children were out in the yards with piñatas – a Christmas tradition. Just a couple of the people we met in El Fuerte Well didn't really met him And then our stay there was over – sure glad we went. On the road towards the beach again.

Video of the marching band - no view just sound! Hear why they practice in the plaza.