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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Trip Info

This is where we went - total of 5750 miles down and back

As I promised – some info about our trip
Total days on road - 138
Total miles driven in Jennie - 5750 did not keep tract of miles we put on Willie

Expenses are in US dollars
Gas for Jennie – 2164 - averaged about 7mpg
Gas for Jeep – 648

Tolls paid - 479 (both Mexico and US) All but 14 dollars in Mexico

Campgrounds in US - 589 for 26 days = 23 average per day
Campgrounds in MX - 1820 for 111 days = 16.40 per day

We did no boondocking - always had electricity of some sort and water.

Biggest daily expense was eating out – 1733
And groceries – 1224

In Mexico we averaged 64 dollars a day in expenses – that includes every cent we spent.
In the US portion of the trip we averaged 137 per day (one reason it is so high is we put a lot of miles on the RV in a very short time while in the US so used more gasoline here. In MX miles driven were only 1813 – in US 3940
It was a great trip and Jennie performed beautifully – though she was starting to feel pretty small by the time we got home.

Spring is springing here – looking down over the valley we can see lots of green sprouting on the trees.
Had a couple 80+ days but this week it will be in the low 70s to high 60s. With rain a couple of days.

So that’s it for this years trip to Mexico -

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