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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ate at Worlds Largest McDonalds in Vinta, OK

Tuesday p.m.

Another day another state – actually a couple of states. We’re at a KOA in Joplin, MO. Left Wichita Falls, TX this morning around 8a.m. Took the I-44 north planning on stopping in Tulsa, OK. Guess we overshot it a little.
The I-44 through Oklahoma is almost all a toll road. 353 miles and only cost us $31.75 – quite a bit cheaper than the toll roads in Mexico. Part of it was good road and part of it was purely Oklahoma road. Shake, rattle and roll. Mostly shake and rattle. I have a question. Why is the pavement on bridges always so much worse than the pavement on the road? Can’t find it on Google. But kind of figure that it maybe ‘cause bridges freeze sooner – the contracting and expanding maybe?
So far we’ve been on the road 147 days and driven Jennie 6088 miles in Jennie. We’re only 550 miles from home now.
The wind is picking up again – sure glad it wasn’t blowing so hard while we were traveling – The Driver says it was coming from behind us most of the day. Again we were thankful we were on the western side of that terrible storm that just passed through the east. Did have a moment last night though – all of a sudden the warning sirens near the RV Park started to wail. No one else seemed to get excited – turns out they check them every Monday. Wish they would have told us when we checked in.
Not much to write about – saw lots of rolling green hills, nice fat cows and trees just starting to bloom. The one item of note – we had lunch in supposedly “The Largest McDonalds in the World” It is between Tulsa and Joplin on the I-44. It is built over the highway so you can go into it from either direction. End of exciting news for today.

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