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Friday, November 27, 2009

Enjoying Mexico Already

We are in Bahia de Kino, Sonora, Mexico at the Kino Bay RV Park. And have already been to the panaderia (bakery) and across the street to have dinner at Jorge’s. Sat outside and watched the sunset.Terrible huh?

We left Amado, AZ at about 7:30 this a.m. got here in Kino about 3:30 – 270 miles. We took I-19 south to Exit 4 Mariposa Rd the truck route. This way you completely bypass the town of Nogales. This year there was a check point on the U.S. side of the border, just asked if we were taking more than $10,000 into Mexico. I wish.
There is also a new check point or immigration control being built just into Mexico.
Last year there was no one checking at all. Right after you cross the border you are on MX 15D the toll road. There were three toll booths between the US and Hermosillo where we got off. Almost US$30. The toll booths and the bank at the immigration stop were giving 12 Pesos for 1 US dollar. Should have changed more money in Nogales they were giving 12.50 for 1.
The stop where we had to fill out all the paper work for us and the vehicles is 21 kilometers south of the border. It is very efficient. First building is for tourist cards, then there is a place where you can get all your copies made then to the Banjercito to get the temporary permits for the vehicles and pay the fee for the tourist car. All are good for 180 days. No I take that back, Jennie’s permit is good for 10 years ‘cause she is a motorhome.
The drive was pretty uneventful. Seems like there is more prosperity in Mexico then there was last year. Saw several huge greenhouse complexes, more ranches and homes then before also a gigantic vineyard.
Glad we were going south – the trucks were backed up for over 5 kilometers going north. At least they were all in one lane. Three years ago they took up both lanes and the cars had to go through the center dirt.
The road is very good. Signage is good. The curves are really well marked, especially the sharp one, both with rumble strips and white lines.
The topes are still everywhere, especially at the little towns or where people are apt to be crossing the highway. And the “sellers” (fruit, nuts, drinks) and “collectors” (for the hospitals) are in force at the topes. While you slow way down they make their pitches.
Saw the usual assortment of horses, cows, cowboys, and goats along the side of the road. One cowboy was herding his cows from his bicycle. (missed that picture.)

The first part of the trip is pretty lots of trees, then just desolate desert then into the areas with the saguaro and pipe organ cactus. I love them. So majestic looking.
Through the city of Hermosillo – Gypsy and I had a little discussion there – I finally just shut her off – fixed her! When I turned her back on she had had an attitude adjustment and agreed with me on the right route.
A lot of the road construction that was going on last year is finished and made the trip much nicer.
So here we are on the beginning of our winter journey.
Before I forget – both the TV and the Internet are working great. Bless them. Speaking of bless them. The little white church on the hill was all lit up tonight. So pretty. Wonder if they’ve built a parking lot up there yet?

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