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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday in Bahia de Kino

Saturday a.m. It was kind of overcast most of the day and windy later afternoon – got kind of a cool 70 or so. Before I forget with the exchange rate of 12Pesos to 1dollar gas is about US$2.40 gallon – And a lot of the Pemex stations now take credit cards, this is new.
For some reason the satellite dish lost it connection overnight – either the overcast or the dew or a big bird? Any way had to make it search again before it would come up. Had me worried for a while.
We walked over to Jorge’s Restaurant again for breakfast. Bill checking out the waves.

The Breakfast we have driven 2000 miles to get. Huevos Rancheros. Bill said they measured up to his anticipation.
Sat outside and watched the pelicans dive for fish. Fascinating. How can they see them. They fly about 20 feet above the water then dive straight down. You’d think they’d break their necks. (click on it to make it larger)
Also watched a couple of little boys playing on the sand. Their mother, a Seri Indian, has a souvenir stand right next to the restaurant. I wonder what kind of facilities she has to clean their clothes and them when they get home. I’m sure it’s not a Maytag.
As we were leaving the restaurant we ran into a couple we met here last year. He is 93 and she is in her late 80s – boyfriend and girlfriend. He’s been bringing his trailer down here every year for 40 years. And he is sharp as a tack – he even remembered that we’re from Nashville, IN. She says he’s in a snit cause he just got a new laptop and it’s giving him problems. I hope that when I’m 93 my only problem is a new computer.
Drove over to the pier and did some people watching. Always fun. The vendors selling iron wood statues and all kinds of things made out of shells and lots of jewelry. The two guys who sit outside of the bathrooms collecting 5 Pesos for the use of the facilities. The kids playing in the water and collecting shells. And the fishermen. I love to watch when they bring their boats in. They head towards the shore, rev their engines and hit the sand going full tilt. If they don’t get up past the waterline they have to get out and drag the boat the rest of the way up.

Met a real nice couple from Hermosillo there with their grandson – the boy was trying to catch fish, no luck though. The grandfather is a professor at the university in Hermosillo and they live part time in Tucson.
The vendors on the street before the pier are selling seafood cocktails. They open these huge shells and clean out everything but the scallop. Then they dice that and add diced clams lots of lime juice and hot sauce and it is served on the scallop shell. Interesting. But not for me.

Then down the road are the homes of the fishermen, as we drove by we could see the women outside at big tables cleaning the days catch ready for sale. A guy with an ice truck was making his rounds selling the crushed ice to them.

Its fun being here in the campground – there is a virtual grocery store on wheels going through here all day. One pickup truck came by loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables for sale then a few minutes ago a guy came by asking if we want to buy shrimp, caught today, very fresh. Earlier we heard a tweet, tweet and along came a guy on a golf cart selling tamales. And earlier there was a truck selling flowering plants. Just beautiful. If we stay here long enough I think I’ll buy a poinsettia from him.

Bahia de Kino the new part continues to grow – there are now two red lights along the main road, there were none last year. Also several new homes up and going up.

The road between Viejo (old) Kino and Nuevo (new) Kino is now a divided 4-lane paved road instead of a bumpy dirt one.
There are even two ATM machines in town now.

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