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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunsets and Lazy Days

After posting yesterday we decided to go out to dinner but first we drove over to the boat ramp to see the sunset. Beautiful.

Then after dinner, where we got a Tequila education from Jorge – no drinking just teaching. Then we drove through Kino Nuevo and then over to Kino Viejo. Driving through the new section was weird. Most of the houses here are vacation places so maybe only one out of every eight had someone there. The rest were dark. There was no one walking around and only one or two other cars driving. The wind was blowing hard from the Gulf so sand was slithering across the road. Kind of surreal looking.
In Kino Viejo at least there were people walking around, mostly teenagers and kids playing basketball in the park. The busiest place in town seemed to be the billiards hall.
This morning it was cloudy and cool again. But at least the wind has let up.
Didn’t do much of anything all day. Drove into the old town to the bakery but beings it was Sunday it was closed. Watched the fisherman and the boats and birds for a while. And found a Chinese restaurant there. Have to see if anyone has tried it yet. Then took the dirt road through the desert back to the campground.

Sure some rugged country out here.

Also went over to the area where they are trying to get a housing development going.
One of the lots for sale is right here – (see the red car.) Pretty view.
Actually cooked in Jennie today. Bill fixed bacon for sandwiches this morning and I fixed steak and stuffed baked potato for dinner. It will take a few more meals to get it figured out. Kind of like trying to fix a meal in a small shower. For sure there can only be one person in the kitchen at a time. Still working on how to clean up efficiently afterward. Again a one person job.
I wonder how some of these people can come down here in November and stay in their RV here until the end of March. Parking and never going any where else. We’ve noticed that they do a lot of sitting around visiting and drinking. As Bill said “Hate to be their liver.”
It is getting really cold out tonight - might have to turn on the heater! Oh No!