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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Churros and Sparrows

Can’t believe it is December already. I remember my Mom saying that the older you get the faster time moves. Another thing she was right about.
Seems like it was just a couple of weeks ago that we were here – not a year ago! Just remembered the Christmas decorations we bought last year are still in the Alfa –oh well.
This a.m. is bright and sunny out – looks like it will be a nice day.
Yesterday was busy – yes busy! We had breakfast at Jorge’s – Bill had his huevos rancheros again with his eggs plastico (very hard.) I’m more traditional just bacon and eggs. The eggs here have so much more color and flavor than the ones in the US. And they seem more filling. So peaceful sitting outside on the patio. The Gulf was calm, barely a ripple on the water. The only noise the gentle slap, slap of the water on the sand and the calls of the birds. Could get used to that.
After breakfast we took a little drive – to Guaymas – only 125 miles away! More about that trip next time.
It is so strange here – the one paved main street that runs the length of the new town (about 10 miles long.) is deserted. Only a few cars parked on the street – and they are mostly cars from this area belonging to the workers here. This is a picture of the street, just us and the shifting sand.
The girl in the gas station said all the tourists have gone home – that most of them come for summer – Hum hadn’t thought of that. It would be nicer here in summer than in the city of Hermosillo (very warm there) and/or Arizona. I’ve just thought about the people getting away from the snow. Not the heat.
We stopped at Las Palapas – the restaurant where The Driver got food poisoning last year. We just had coffee – would you believe they brought us cups of hot water and a small bottle of Nescafe! – Also had chips and a green salad. Seemed safe enough. We were the only people there and no one was on the beach. Not even the seagulls. The Driver had to entertain himself feeding the sparrows.

Well Bill is happy as a pig in slop – he finally found the “churro” man. He sets up every night on a different corner in Kino Viejo from about 5 p.m. to 6:30ish. Last night we couldn’t find him. Today Bill was watching the clock. 4:45 we jumped into the car and zoomed off to find him. And find him we did as you can see. Bill buying churros.
The guy turns the crank and the dough comes out the front of the cylinder and drops into the boiling grease. As soon as they brown he takes them out and rolls them in cinnamon and sugar. The churro machine
They are about six to 12 inches long.
Tonight there is a full moon, very pretty. No clouds in the sky.
Next post will be about our trip yesterday to Guaymas.
Might even post it tonight if I feel wordy.

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