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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Strange Pink Bird

Looks just like last year - beautiful.
Have spent a couple of days here now. Not doing much of anything just enjoying the beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Did take a drive down and up the sand. But it was almost high tide so didn’t see many shells. It looks like a lot of the homes that are down from the campground have been repaired and there are even some nice new ones.
Did see these pelicans though. They must have found a really good fishing spot. They would all take to the air fly in a circle then dive into the water. Neat to watch.
See the splashes where several of them have already hit the water
Bill got the chairs out so he could sit in front and feed the seagulls. He spent a lot of time here last year doing that. In fact he still had a couple of bags of cookies from last year. Well much to his disappointment the birds did not like them. They were too stale. But the few birds that picked some up would run right down to the water and dip them so they could eat them.
Sitting here writing this I can hear the music from the restaurant. Had to pay attention, the singing is not in Spanish it is in French. Most of Canadians staying here are French speaking. Don’t expect to hear that here in Mexico.
We’ve gone into town a couple of times to the big Ley grocery store there. In fact today we picked up a Ley card – just like the markets at home. If you have a card you can get better deals on some things. Had to buy fresh cookies (they love them) and Rice Krispies. When I went to have a bowl of cereal I discovered my Krispies from home had moths in them. Ick! Gave them, cereal and moths to the seagulls who seemed to like them. Went by this outdoor restuarant downtown. What ever they were cooking sure smelled good.
A couple things for the simple things simple minds category – saw a bunch of pure black chickens – hens and roosters. Didn’t get the camera up in time to take a picture. Also a baby goat.
And this heron
and this strange looking pink bird. Don’t have a clue what it is. But it sure was pink.
Weird spoon shaped bill.
Today was cooler than it has been, low 70s and right now (about 4 p.m.) it is down right cool. Even the birds are all puffed up sitting out on the sand.

It's so funny - the people who live in this area are all bundled up with jackets, the people from the US are wearing shorts and t-shirts and the Canadians are running around in their bathing suits. Guess its all relative

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