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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day Trip to Guaymas

Every time I post I think I need to get a new picture of Jennie for the blog. Need to find a nice backdrop though. Maybe I can Photoshop it. Hum….
After breakfast Monday we drove south to Guaymas. We took the shortest way there, 125 miles through the countryside bypassing Hermosillo. Glad we did it – the road is worse, if possible, then it was last year. In places it has been repaved but too much of it hasn’t – no way to miss all the potholes. So we will take the long way, 150 miles, through the city of Hermosillo when we head out in Jennie. Choices - traffic or terrible road.
More potholes than pavement. And what pavement there is is like a washboard.
We drove to Guaymas more for something to do than any thing else. The area around the port continues to be improved. Lots of the old falling apart buildings are now gone. The area has really been cleaned up and there is a nice marina there.
The streets were decorated for Christmas and as busy as ever.
Lots of traffic and people shopping. There are a couple of really old buildings on the main street sandwiched in with the zillions of retail stores. One of them is an old bank building.
The other I don’t know.
And one of the new stores – maybe a Fredericks of Guaymas – check out the footprints under the windows.
Drove to the older section to check out an old building that was being restored when we were there last year. Finally found it but not much has been done. No picture. Also saw this building – wonder how old it is?
We parked and walked around the main plaza checking out the beautiful white gazebo. It’s all metal work.
And I love the street lights – also white metal. The plaza has lots of green plants and the white gazebo, street lights and church with the beautiful blue sky above it. A perfect picture.
As we neared the church we noticed that the side yard was closed off by a very pretty canvas wrapped around the fence. We were thinking that it was getting set up for a wedding or something as there were rows of chairs set out.
As I was taking pictures a man came up to us and asked us if we knew what had happened. He then explained that in September when hurricane Jimena came through it rained so much the whole roof of the church collapsed. Cupola (dome) and all. This is a picture of the church I took last year.
This is this year. The Cupola should be just behind the light pole to the right.
So now the services are held outside in the side yard.
This is one of the fans in one of the windows. Looking between the blades you can see one interior wall of the church and the sky where the ceiling should be.
Looked it up on line later and there was a lot of damage in Sonora this past September from Jimena. There were reports of 50 inches of rain.
Then we went to the big Ley SuperMercado. Bill pick up some pastries.
And this is the tortilla factory in the store.
As we headed back towards Kino we noticed the big black clouds all around us. Lots of rain.
Check out the rain behind the power poles
Most of it was not right over us thank goodness.
Did make for a spectacular sunset though.
Also passed a very dead and smelly cow on the road. Wonder what that car looked like?

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