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Friday, December 11, 2009

NameThat Bird!!

Didn’t do too much today, just lazed around again. Bill was feeling a little under the weather.
Did find out what that pink bird was though. It’s a Roseata Spoonbill. I also saw – I kid you not – a Blue Footed Booby – but didn’t get a picture of him. No I’m not suddenly a bird person – someone else told me what they were.
The big excitement here today were the cows who wandered through the campground. A herd of about 20 – just munching away on the grass as if they owned the place.
There are only four RVs here now. Don’t know how these parks here are making a living this year.
It got downright cold last night, had to put on a sweat shirt in the morning. Brrrr – must have been 60! Sorry couldn’t resist. The computer weather says its 15 with 20 mph winds at home.
No pictures worth posting today.
Have no telephone service here either.

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