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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Arriving at Las Glorias

Leaving El Fuerte we took the other road back to MX15. The one that took us right into Los Mochis. Much better road – most of the way – it went through several small towns which is always interesting. Saw some wonderful OLD trees along the way.
So big around. Lots of farming. The inevitable cows and goats and food stands along the way.
Only stayed on toll road for a little ways – the last couple of stretches of this trip we’ve managed to avoid a couple of toll booths. Hooray! Stopped at a supermercado to buy wrapped candy as we knew that on one section of the road to Las Glorias the kids come running to the road when they see an RV. Sure enough – got rid of a whole bag.
The road kind of wanders through the countryside. Share it with lots of farm equipment who are never in a hurry and always end up behind them when the road is too narrow to pass safely. Really get to watch the scenery.
Got to Las Glorias and made the turn onto the big divided street –
would you believe it is still not repaired. This time we got to go down it a couple of blocks before we had to turn towards the beach and finish the journey on the sand.
But they’ve been using it enough that by now it is pretty hard packed, not like last year.
We’re staying at Mr. Moro again.
Really nice place and empty – only two other rigs here and no one in the hotel. (read in the Mexican paper that tourism is down 40% this year. Fear and the economy I guess. Too bad.) Horiatio the manager even remembers us. He wondered where the Alfa was. They have a good restaurant here, went there for dinner a couple of nights ago and I had two margaritas – never again. Spent most of yesterday in bed. Even the waves were making too much noise! Didn’t even want to look at the computer. Better today so will add more later about our trip up and down the beach.

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