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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Returning to Mazatlan

Just a note - On Christmas Day we drove into Guasave and much to my surprise Wal*Mart was open and full of people. Guess business has taken over everywhere.
One final gorgeous sunset in Las Glorias then on down the road the next morning.
We all split up leaving there. Don and Sandy went to Colsala up in the mountains. Their rig is smaller than Jennie and they aren’t towing a car. Lacey and Luis left for Mazatlan after packing up their Land Cruiser. (Their web site is LostWorldExpedition.com if you’d like to check it out.)
We also left for Mazatlan but we took the toll road. Just a shot of some of the peanut fields around Las Glorias lots and lots of them.
That was a very good highway and it should be it cost almost $70 for 225 miles. Seemed like there was a toll booth every 30 kms. We got to Las Jaibas RV Park around two after leaving Mr Moro at 9. We’re parked in the back again and the front of the place is filled with snowbirds from Canada.
Got set up and put the satellite dish up – oops – it wouldn’t lock on to a signal. POOP. So I told it to search again and forgetting I did that we jumped into Willie and headed out to get something to eat. Luckily we changed our mind and turned around and came back after driving through town. Luckily because the darn satellite dish was just up there spinning and spinning around. Had to shut it all off as all the boxes were HOT. So just left it alone – didn’t feel like dealing with it until later. To finish that story before going on to another – we went out to dinner and when we came back Bill turned it on up it went and everything connected fine. Now I’ll just hold my breath for a couple of stops. To make sure that doesn’t happen again. Bill says “It’s the most expensive piece of SH** trouble there is.” Sometimes I tend to agree.
We decided to go out to dinner to the Plaza Machado in the old district. It was decorated to the hilt.
Full of people and music. Each restaurant, and there are about eight, had their own entertainment.
Sat at a table set out on the blocked off street and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Bill had a hamburger and I had BBQ Ribs – listed on the menu as “BBQ ribs with our secret sauce you don’t know French fries and cole salad.” Nope not sure what that means but they were very good and lots of them. And the Cole salad was not cole slaw like I expected but a cold salad. And I’m assuming the don’t know was about the secret sauce not the French fries. Every once in a while we run into an interesting translation.
First morning we haven’t had to use the heater to take the chill off. Lots more of Mazatlan will follow.

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