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Monday, December 7, 2009

San Carlos short stay

Put a new picture up in the logo - it will do until I can get another one.
This is a day late and a day behind, we're in Huatabampito now just a sneak preview.
Back to Saturday the 5th.
Arrived in San Carlos at Totonaka RV Park around noon. We’ve stayed here twice before. Our Internet is working fine but guess we are out of the Direct TV range. It will come in but cuts right back out so you get about one out of every 20 words. There is cable available here – but we didn’t hook up to it. The restaurant next door, Los Arbolitos, has added a second floor for outdoor dining. Went there for lunch had very good quesadillas and guacamole.
The storm in September, Jimena, caused some damage here too. The road between the RV Park and the beach is missing its two beach side lanes. Also saw some road damage further into town. But the rusty rickety old stairs leading from the sidewalk to the beach are still there! They should have come down years ago.
Next to them is this boat. Don’t know if it washed up in the storm or what.
I can't show you what's written on the other side - naughty!!
Rode up to see if the property we looked at last year with the beautiful view of the Gulf has been built up.

These are cul de sacs with lots radiating off of them. The lots either go straight down or straight up. Will cost another fortune to build there.
Nope – only one house has been started there. Guess half a million dollars US for a tiny patch of land hasn’t brought in many buyers. Can’t beat the view though. The Gulf on one side, desert and mountains on the other.
About 10 p.m. we remembered why we said we wouldn’t come back here. There is a nightclub right next to the park and they have live music Friday and Saturday nights till 1 a.m. We were actually rocking with the beat. I took a pill and went to sleep – Bill has baggy eyes this a.m. Maybe he snuck out and went dancing????
Sunday in San Carlos was a quiet day. We drove down along the coast through Miramar into Guaymas. Saw more lots for sale right on the water.
Don't know how much they are, but they are pretty small too but at least flat.
Then around there for a while. Lots of people and traffic out and about on Sunday. Good place not to be driving. Streets are very narrow.... thats one bus passing another just in front and next to us.
Cops on every corner directing traffic it was so heavy. Lots of stuff for Christmas for sale.
Seems like every corner had two or three vendors with their push carts or pickups full of stuff.
Back to the campground. Fixed dinner and read – then off to sleep. Monday, today, we left for Huatabampito. Did some off roading in Jennie to get here.

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