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Friday, December 18, 2009

El Fuerte, Sinaloa, MX

We left Huatabampito on Monday morning. Only went 110 miles but it took us a while. The last 36 miles on a little two lane road to El Fuerte took us an hour and a quarter. Through pretty country though. Lots of small trees and cactus and farming.
At one point we were herding cows with Jennie. A couple of them, mother and calf, were just strolling up the middle of the highway. The mother had a broken rope around her neck. Guess someone would be looking for them later.
In one little town there were a series of topes that neither of us saw coming. Whoops! Did some pretty intense bumping for a bit. Nothing broken though don’t know why not. Those things are killers.
The RV Park here is on the grounds of a hotel. We’re parked on the grass with an extension cord strung from the building. 15 amps only. They opened one room of the hotel so we could use the shower in there. We get our tanks filled by the groundskeeper from the water hose.
The days are pretty warm up into the 80s and the nights cold. Cold enough that in the morning we fire up the heater for a couple minutes to take the chill off.
The only thing I don’t like about this place is the BUGS. They bite like crazy. Have to wear long pants and long sleeves. That was a lesson learned. Before learning I seemed to be “the special of the day.” They are blood thirsty little devils. In fact we were shopping in the grocery store and I felt a prick on my leg when I looked down there was blood running down it. Nice big hole there. They are more like no-see-ums then mosquitoes – cause you can’t see them. We now have lots of bug spray – I hate using it but have no choice.
We’ve been on a boat trip on the river and walked in a Christmas procession.
Will go into more details with future blogs. Just wanted to let everyone know we are still around.

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