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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Camped at Huatabampito on the Beach

Left San Carlos around 8:30 Monday. Had been awake since the crack of dawn. One of our fellow campers with an old diesel motorhome left real early. But ½ hour before he left he started his engine to “warm it up.” Ungodly noise that lasted until he pulled out on the highway.
Went back the way we came for a few miles to get back on MX15 the toll road. Within 300 feet there was a toll booth. Jennie is only 1 Peso less then the Alfa. I thought there would be a bigger difference. Had two more tolls before we pulled of the main highway. And one Military Check Point – but they just waved us through. The drive was very windy though. Lots of weather moving through this area lately.
This guy was next to us at one of the toll booths, wonder what they charged for him. He doesn’t look very happy. (just a reminder if you click on picture it enlarges.)
And of course there were the vendors. Nice selection of hats.
Have had a little domestic dispute going on this trip. Gypsy has decided that she won’t stay on unless I hold her in my lap. Of course maybe she’s just paying me back for the couple of times I dropped her on her head when my foot tangled in her wires. Any way I’ve decided that Gypsy is not a good name for her and am changing her name to Gertrude. Had an Aunt named Gertrude – She was a very nice lady but look out if you made her mad. You spent years on “her list.”
Back to our trip here. About eight out of every ten vehicles (cars, suvs, pickups) that passed us were from California and all were loaded with gosh knows what. Were they going camping? Home for Christmas? Or escaping California? I vote for escaping.
We stopped for gas just before Navajoa and noticed a highway sign that said Periferico. Well usually a periferico is a way to get around a city without going through it. Sounded good as Navajoa is a very busy town with lots of stop lights and traffic. And we’ve heard that the cops there like to give tickets. So we took the periferico. Hummmm wasn’t such a good idea. It was also the truck route around the town. Started out fine, went downhill quickly. I think it was supposed to be two lane but with the bushes growing over it and the chunks missing from the shoulder it appeared narrower. The trucks were having no problems just whizzing by.
And from all the trucks it was pretty rough and pot holey. Then we came to a place were there was no pavement, just dirt. Notice the drop off of the bridge to the lower right.
Guess it got washed out in the storm. So all in all we learned that next time we’ll drive through town, it’s easier.
The road between Huatabampo and the beach has also changed. Just out of town by the school are two new BIG topes and a traffic light. A little further on where the road goes through a populated area there are EIGHT new BIG topes. After the first one everyone slows way down. And of course there are the ever present cows beside the road.
Then the last stretch of road to the campground – last year part of it was washed out and dirt but now it is under construction and barely has enough room for one car at a time to by pass the new bridge that is going in.
So here we are – right on the beach again – Satellite pointed up and functioning.
enjoying the sunsets and sunrises. This is this mornings sunrise. It was about 75 today.
We are the only Americans here – the rest are all Canadians. About 10 rigs here now. And I think most of them with Internet are running off our satellite as the parks Wi-fi is pretty weak.

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