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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Visit to Pueblo Magico Alamos Part 1

What is it with me and showers in Mexico – Last time I took a shower in here I ran out of hot water – this time I ran out of water. Tank emptied and I just got spits and spurts of water. Note to self - Make sure water heater has been on long enough to heat a lot of water and make sure water tank is full. Had our laundry done today here at the campground– a full basket only US$5. A strange thing you can only buy Lipton Brand Tea Bags in a Pharmacy not a grocery store….No idea why. Also noticed in the market today. The beer was in a cold case and some meat was on an unrefrigerated counter. Priorities I guess. Found a coin operated car wash in Huatabampo – poor Willie really needed a bath after driving on the beach. He’s not shinny but at least the salt is off him. Visit to Alamos Saturday we took a drive to one the Pueblos Magicos. The colonial town of Alamos. Lots of history there and the old buildings have been restored and maintained so it is like stepping back in time. Silver was discovered there by the Spanish in 1683. One hundred years later the population was over 30,000. And it was made capitol of Occidente (the combined states of Sonora and Sinaloa.) By the early nineteen hundreds the mines had played out and the town was on the verge of becoming a ghost tow. In the 1940s the Americans and Canadians found it and began moving in and bought up the decaying mansions and restored them. We’ve been here a couple of times before but it is always fun to go back to. The main plaza has the beautiful church of Nuestra Señora de la Concepión. This is looking up at the bell tower that was bathed in sunlight. Construction on it began in 1786. Another view of it from the side. We didn’t go in as a Mass was in progress. A couple of the vendors around the plaza. The flower man. And this young man who was sell a mixture of things – among them – hot sauce, a couple different kinds of hone, some spices and quince paste (which Bill loves.) From there we walked up a bunch of steps (puff, puff) passing this old falling down hacienda on the way. One of the front rooms, see the beam ceiling, or what is left of it. Then this was the next room, at one time painted a hot pink. As I stepped into the next room I interrupted a very involved couple. Beat a hasty retreat and don’t think they noticed me. This is the back of it. Continued on up towards the old Jail. The jail itself is in ruins but there has been a new section added to it as a cultural center of some sorts. It was closed. But there was a group of teenage boys. They were a band and were practicing – wonder if their Mother told them to go someplace else and play where they wouldn’t disturb anyone. These are a couple of pictures from up there of the town. This one has the church in the background. The town itself is kind of in a valley. Very pretty setting. Back down the hill, much easier, and through this narrow street to a municipal building. It is the brick building. (Another note to self - when going to small towns with cobblestone streets and walks wear tennis shoes NOT sandles.) It is now a theater – very pretty. A shot of the stage And one from upstairs. Just some street scenes as we walked around. Just thought this was pretty, with the white building and the green plants. And then around the corner a building that hasn’t been restored yet. Looking down one of the streets - pink and yellow buildings Some of the plants around one house. One of the real old houses by the church. Check out the roof. A close up of the roof. Lots of work to make it. Another one had this tile trim at the bottom next to the sidewalk. Outside the door to a restaurant. Almost looks real. Then back through the downtown district. Saw him on our way back to campground. I think that poor truck needs some TLC. I haven't included anything about the best part of the day. A tour of one of the hotels in town. It was amazing. Check back later for pictures of it. One room rents for USD 900per night!

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