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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Leaving Kino Heading South

After three years we finally visited the Seri Museum in Kino. Small but interesting, but of course all in Spanish. But want to share a couple of things. This is one of the baskets they make – it would hold a couple of small kids – about three feet tall.

And their boats.

They stand on them to go fishing in the Gulf. Don’t think so. We’d have starved to death if it was me. And something I’ve never seen before a dress made out of pelican skins. Feathered finery.

We are now in San Carlos 153 miles of driving from Kino. It is a lot shorter as the crow flies, or as is the case here, the seagulls fly. We left Kino Bay RV around 9 a.m. Stopped for gas at the Pemex in Kino Viejo. This is something you don’t see much of in the states anymore, a free air pump.

Then stayed on the Kino-Hermosillo road clear back into Hermosillo. Lots of new nut orchards and even a couple of vineyards on it now.
Really don’t like going through Hermosillo. There is no way to go around it except the road through the desert that would shake us apart. Even in Jennie it is harrowing. The lanes on Solidaridad are very narrow, the pavement is very rough and there is lots of traffic. Wal*Mart and Sam’s Club are in this area. All in all not a pleasant drive.

Once back on MX15 the road was good and free all the way to the San Carlos turn off. Four-lane divided. These students were walking to school - probably a college of some kind.

Just a ways out of town we saw many, many men on horseback riding down the shoulder of the road. This is only a very small portion of them.

On a truck that was in front of them was a picture of the Virgin Mary.

Bill thinks it was some kind of procession.
For some reason there were Policia Federal at the intersection of MX15 and the other road to Kino. They just waved us through but stopped a SUV from California and talked to them for awhile before waving them on.
Next San Carlos - later today probably.

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