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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Days on the beach

Wednesday – Last nights sunset – very pretty.
Woke this morning to the sound of the waves crashing and rain on the roof. Just yesterday someone told us it never rains here in December. So much for never. Didn’t last long but made for a beautiful sun rise.
I think we’ll have a warm humid day. The air is sticky already. And the water is kind of a dark army green color – not pretty.
A couple of days ago, before margaritas, we drove as far south on the beach. Next to the campground are a lot of houses in all states of repair or as The Driver calls them “arrested decay”. Here are a couple. This is one of the nicest ones, appears to be newly built and painted.
This one is built up on stilts and doesn’t look like anyone has been taking care of it.
And this used to be a swimming pool that was built on the beach side of the house. Some storm in the past destroyed it and again the house looks abandoned.
Beyond the houses are a lot of open air restaurants. And they were pretty busy. Three of them had strolling bands playing for the people.
And of course the little stands selling???
On down the beach we went till we came to a breakwater with lots of families out on it fishing and just enjoying the day.
One group was playing soccer with a beach ball in the sand. Others were sitting around playing and listening to music.
We followed the road inland and came to a little village that backed up to an estuary that was full of colorful pangas. And for every five boats there was a little restaurant selling, camaron (shrimp) , pescado (fish), filete (filet of fish) and gazolina.Interesting combination.

here were all kinds of birds there just waiting. The garza, blue heron and something brown with a long bright orange beak. Need to get a picture of it. And the inevitable vehicle with the big speaker.
The lady of this house was selling bread.
From there we got back on the beach and drove north. Again came to a very popular place for fishermen and their families. This is the week before Christmas so a lot of people are off work and enjoying their time with their families.
Watched as one two-wheel drive pickup got stuck in the sand and had to be pulled/pushed out. Even with Willie in four-wheel drive he was groaning and fishtailing. What were those guys thinking? Trying to impress their buxom girl friends I guess.
The we came across an old red car stopped in the middle of the trail. It wouldn’t start so Bill Got out his trusty portable battery charger out of the back of Willie and got them started right up. Making friends. Stopped to watch an old man in his gray shirt and slacks and ball cap fish with a net. He’d throw it out then slowly pull it back in.

He said he was fishing for bait. Didn’t seem to be catching much though. Stopped and talked to a man and his very pregnant wife.
He was fishing and she was relaxing. He explained that they came out to enjoy the day. If he caught anything it was good luck. While talking to them a white truck came by selling strawberries and cream and ice cream. He was getting a lot of buyers.
Saw one really, really dirty SUV with this written on his back window “No es tierra. Es protector solar” translates to “It’s not dirt it is solar protection.” Thought that was pretty funny.
Everyone is so friendly. And lots of laughter, music and good times. Everyone from old men and women to babies. Whole families having a great, inexpensive afternoon. Surprisingly enough there were a lot of ATVs there too – running up and down the beach and over the sand dunes. Some with up to six people on them.

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