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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Casa Machado Museum - Home from 1890

Thursday a.m.
Tuesday while in the Plaza Machado we toured the Casa Machado Museum. This is the present day building. It acquired its present look in 1880.

West side of Plaza Machado
And a photo of it dated 1890.

It runs the entire length of the block and is two stories high. Now the bottom houses two restaurants and the top is the Museum.
It is now called the Canobbio Portals after the family who owned it for over 100 years.
In 1899 Don Luis Canobbio settled there and opened the best and largest stocked pharmacy of the time on the ground floor. He concocted a formula called The Goddess Venus which contained properties that could restore lost youth. People from all over came to buy the “fountain of youth” liquor. Mr Canobbio became very rich.
The original stairs leading to the top floor.

One room contains costumes from Carnival.

Dining room table, chairs and high chair.
Fancy Highchair
The beautiful dark wood floors

Sitting room chairs.
Hand carved wood frames
And in the hallway polished patterned tile floors.

Wood ceiling beams.
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With an organ from 1900

Bed with lace canopy.

The floors on the balcony patio
Imagine sitting here for lunch and watching the activity in the Plaza

View of the present day Plaza from the Balcony.
The Driver waiting for me
And this is a photo of the Cathedral taken in 1884
Now I get to work on my post about Wednesday – We had a most serendipitous day. Can't wait to share it with you.

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