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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mazatlan - Around every corner is something different

Thursday a.m.

Well today for the first time in a week I feel human. Thank goodness that was the pits.
I must have had a bad night though as I see The Driver spent part of the night asleep out here on his LazYBoy. Couldn’t have been too comfortable for him. Guess I’d better be nice to him today.

I’m going to get caught up going backwards. The last day we were out was Monday the 3rd. So I’ll start with the sunrise that morning. Palm trees and the colored skies make such a nice picture.
Monday Morning
We did get out of here for a little bit that day. Again over to the Plaza Machado where The Driver had one of Beach Burgers excellent Italian Salads and poor me I just had a coke. I really didn’t feel like eating anything. Neither of us wanted to go back to the RV and just sit around so we took a little walk in a different direction from the plaza and saw some new sites. A lot of gringos have bought and restored homes in this area. Here are a couple. We talked to one of the ladies that live around here and she says the homes from the front are deceiving – they are in reality around 3000 sq feet of living space. WOW.

Have no idea what this is about but thought it was interesting.

Also saw this corner home. It has two owners – notice the change in paint colors one window to the right. I didn’t notice that until I looked at the pictures. The reason I took the photo is the writing on the building – it is in German. Need to go by there again and see if there is an explanation of the writing.
Two separate owners - different paint
Then this big apartment building – Looks 1940s to me – Art Deco maybe?

Then the next corner was a building from 1899 -

A small store with living upstairs

This white building was built in the 1890s and for years housed a restaurant.

Now it has no roof and is used as a parking lot

This building is right across the street from where we always park. The attendant told us in the early 1900s it was a Chinese bakery but when the government changed in the 1920s all the Chinese were run out of Mazatlan.
Now the people who own it want to sell it - they own the whole block!
The history of the Chinese in Mexico is very interesting. I didn't even know they had history here.

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