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Monday, January 17, 2011

A quick trip to Central Market in Mazatlan

Monday p.m.

Good grief I didn’t realize I’d not done this for so long – We have been busy.
Saturday a.m. it was cold and foggy here again. We had the little electric heater on all night and it was still damp feeling in here. In fact it never did get real nice on Saturday.

Foggy Day in campground
We did go over to the old district to visit the central market. I was looking for a certain magnet and it took a while to find it. We knew we had seen it there but the stall owner had moved it from the front counter to under the counter.
The Driver looking for magnet
Got some delicious tangerines.
 And asked what these were and if they were hot. Lady told us you couldn’t drink enough water to cool your mouth down if you ate a bite of one. So guess they are – pretty little things though.
Tiny HOT peppers
Saw this truck out at the curb….no comment. Well – dog food maybe?
Then we had lunch at Panama again. Bill had a Monte Cristo sandwich and I had a delicious salad with chicken, lettuce, of course, tomato, and pineapple. Very good.
Took this of the cathedral. Its eleven photos stitched together. Just as I was taking the last photo the group of birds flew through it. You can see kind of shadows of them – confused the program a little.

Filled Willie up with gas – since we’ve been here gas has gone from 8.76 pesos per liter to 8.84 per liter. And the exchange has worsened – so gas is now about US$2.72 a gallon. And the exchange rate has changed from 12.50 to a dollar to around 2.20 a dollar. Not good for us.

Will post this now and work on what we did Sunday and today to post tomorrow.

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