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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Short visit to Copala

Wednesday a.m.

Will try to do a quick post this morning. Another beautiful day here and it is finally warming up some. To finish our last little adventure – We continued up the Durango road to the really tiny town of Copala. The state/country is building a new road to Durango that will cut the drive in half but in the mean time they have paved the old road with all its twists and turns. It is not one you can speed on.
Oh Oh we caught up to the tourist van again. Hope they don’t think we are stalking them. I love the flowers along the roof of this home.
I’ve posted lots of pictures of this little town in previous posts so will only include a few this time. Mainly we went here to give some tools to one of the carvers that works there. A couple of years ago Bill promised we’d bring him some from the states the next time we came. Well last year we forgot so this year we remembered – and he wasn’t working Friday. So we are going back today.
Any way I always like to take pictures of church bell towers so here is one of the very old church there.
As I was walking around the church I noticed this laying at the bottom of the tower. Hummmm
I looked up Oops – guess I won’t stand so close to the towers any more. Wonder when it fell off.
Looking down at part of the town from the church courtyard.
And one of the churche's old heavy wooden doors. Be careful step up - way up.
While The Driver was talking to the carvers that were there I walked around the area a little – in places I haven’t been before. I liked the look of this old house with the weeds growing out of the roof and the blue paint still outlining the doorway.
Looking down one of the narrow streets – the colorful houses and flowers.
And the greenery!
Here is a school yard.
This building used to be a B & B, restaurant and mining museum. Now it is empty.
We didn’t stay very long as I was coming down with a tummy bug…….But I am over it now thank goodness –
We did see this sunset in the evening. That is the Baja Ferry passing in front of the setting sun.
Untill I get a chance to post again - Will have a lot to add then.

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