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Friday, January 21, 2011

Another unexpected event on Wednesday

Friday a.m.

Now to try and finish our day Wednesday. After we left the church we went down by the harbor and took a look at the cruise ships.
Holland Line ship
Two of them were in. This year they come in on Wednesdays and Thursdays. When they are in there is usually a lot going on in town. All the vendors etc are really out in force. As we continued driving along the ocean we noticed how calm the water was and that the marine layer was moving back in. Early in the day for that.
Calm Waters

Marine Layer coming in
This is a big mosaic monument in the center of the road – a round about - with the seal of the city of Mazatlan on it.

We were hungry by then and figured the Plaza Machado would be a good place for lunch. We both had salads. The Driver the Italian Salad he likes and I had a California Salad. He asked me what that was and I replied (sorry Californians) “Fruits and Nuts.” Actually it is – lettuce, apples, peaches, oranges, pecans. Yummy – except I forgot to tell them not to put the Blue Cheese in it. Ugh.
As I mentioned the vendors were out in force.
Loaded down with stuff

Don't look too enthused
And the meat man was delivering meat. Yes that is meat in the plastic bag – he was taking it to one of the restaurants.

As we ate we watched a bunch of guys bringing lots of suitcases and luggage type bags to the Gazebo. Hum?
The big round one is a tuba case
Then the men in white suits started showing up. Bet he has a lot of fans. (His wife and two children were there too.) We realized something interesting was going on.
All were wearing white boots and belts too.
This is the name of the band – fancy jackets  Band Sinaloa  The Original  Banda El Limon
Name on the bottom is the leader of the band (maybe)
And of course The Driver – ever shy – asked what was going on. They were going to shoot a video. And he got some “scoop” on the band. They have just come back to Mexico after spending two months at Buffalo Bills at Primm, Nevada.

The Driver in the hat
Almost ready to start playing. Don’t think the two gentlemen playing batgammon could give a darn.
Face this way
The lead singers.
Some of their music –

We left after a couple of songs – it was getting cold and damp. The fog was moving in over the area fast.

So twice on Wednesday we were in the right place at the right time. So much fun.

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