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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Finally El Quelite - Part 3 of Sundays Adventure

Still Tuesday evening

Will try to finish this now – before my fingers cramp.
After we left San Ignacio we decided we were hungry so instead of going back to Mazatlan we took a short detour to El Quelite – I know we were there just a few days ago but we really like the little town.
Of course through the Arch into town.
Mandatory Arch to be Pueblo Senorial
And the soldiers were in town – they come in to go to the restaurant we like.
Big guns but very nice young men
This is a pic of the back of the menu with some information about the town. If you double click the picture it will get bigger and maybe you can read it.

The restaurant

This was a little appetizer – it was delicious. Everything is either grown or made in the area. Including the dishes.
Flour tortilla, meat, cheese and salsa YUM
Some of the other appetizers you get with your meal.
Strips of white stuff is a soft cheese made in town
My lunch –beef quesadillas with guacamole

Bills lunch – steak with salad.

Part of the ladies bathroom. I think I mentioned the bathrooms when we were here last year. They are pretty spectacular.

Key turns the water on - water comes out the horn
Another view of the restaurant.
A different view of the restaurant
A neat cactus growing up one of the walls.

The pottery made in town. It is for sale.
Same dishes they use in the restaurant.
You never know who or what you might meet coming down the streets.

Just out for a Sunday ride.

This corner house is for sale – it is owned by Americans and they have contacted us about it. It is a rather strange house. Two rooms and a bathroom. Inside living room and bedroom and bath. The kitchen is outside in the back. When we kind of frowned about that we were reminded that “It never rains here.” Yah but…..There is also a pretty little chapel in the back. And it is expensive – they want US$70,000 for it.
Completely redone inside - but still
Now this is a tiny house. Most of the houses here do not have any windows on the sides. They are built one right next to the other. I find them too dark inside for my taste.
Squeezed in
This is an orange bougainvillea covering the side of this house. Wish the picture was better

We passed these kids on the ATV as we were leaving town. There were four of them on it and the one driving couldn't have been more than 10 years old!

Got back to Jennie and took a nap. This was the busiest day we have had since we got over our colds.

Then come evening we went to the Plaza Machado to listen to music and watch the dancing. I even had a margarita. But it got too cold and damp to stay there very long. All the people who live here are saying they are freezing. That it has never been this cold here for this long. “This cold” is 60 at night and only low 70s during the day.

This is part 3 - keep reading for part 2 and 1
THE END of Sunday's adventure.  Tomorrow, Wednesday, I'll try to catch up.

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