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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Out to Plaza Machado for dinner

Early Sunday morning. And I do mean early 5:00a.m.

Bill got up who knows when cause he was sniffing and sneezing and didn’t want to wake me up. But I noticed him missing and saw the light from his laptop on. So up I got. Found him all wrapped up in the blanket playing chess. It is blooming cold in here. Turned the heat on – feels better now – fixed a fresh pot of coffee and turned on laptop – or as Tioga George would call it Ms. Toshiba. Hum maybe I will give it a name – especially when it does something weird – so I can call it something besides @%$&*! at those times.
We finally got tired of being cooped up in here and felt pretty good after my afternoon nap! Left Jennie a little before sunset so got a nice view of the pretty sky as we drove along the Malecon.

Driving along the Malecon

Begining of Sunset
Went out to dinner at the Plaza Machado.

Early before the crowds
Very enjoyable evening as always. We arrived at the area early so didn’t have much trouble finding parking in the street. The big pay-parking lot wasn’t open that early and our regular “parker” wasn’t around. To explain about “our parker” – he is an older man who directs cars where to park on the street. Of course everyone tips him. Helps them squeeze into tiny spots then helps them pull back out into traffic. Yes, this is necessary – tiny spots and narrow streets with lots of traffic. He also will save you a spot by putting traffic cones out until you get there. We met him the first year we were here and he always acts like Bill is his long lost son when we come back the next year. When we were leaving he was there and The Driver told him we’d see him tomorrow night.
Before sitting down we walked around a little to check out the vendors – Saturday nights there are always a lot of them. Saw a couple who hadn’t been there before. One had painted roof tiles, kind of different. Lots of beaded jewelry and embroidered purses and blouses. One table of books for sale. And there is always a real skinny gray pony-tailed guy walking around with his Tarot cards if you’re interested. Nope.
Then ate at Beach Burger. Had the delicious Italian Salad with grilled Chicken for dinner. 85 Pesos about 7 USdollars and that's a big plate.

Way too much food but very good. Because we were there early -6:30-7- the big bands and singers were set up yet so we were treated to sweet music by two gentlemen playing their saxophones. Pleasant way to spend an evening. Good food, good people watching and good music. We left about 8:30 and everything was starting to get crowded and one of the bands was up and running and one other about to get going.

Memories from the past... 
Tonight while sitting there I was thinking about something that happened to me many, many years ago – probably 50 years ago. It was when I was just separated from my first husband and already had my first two boys. I went out with a bunch of girl friends from work to a fortune teller. No I didn’t believe – it was just fun. BUT let me tell you what he read in my hand??? And I went home and told everyone what he said and through the years my relatives and I discussed it a bit just so you know I’m remembering correctly. He said – I would have five sons. [I did] I would live or spend a lot of time in a Spanish speaking country [I have – lived in Argentina for a year] I would marry twice [yep] He also said I would live to 84 years but be in a wheel chair as I would have problems with my legs. [we’ll see I guess. – that gives me 12 more years.] Of course all of us thought everything he told us was a load of bull and had good laugh. Me five kids – I was divorced for heaven sakes. A Spanish speaking country – well maybe Southern Calif.
Now I’d be afraid to go to one.
Well it’s warmed up in here a little, a fresh pot of coffee is made and I’m having an oreja for breakfast.

Oreja or Elephant Ear or Cow Flop
Bill is back in bed reading – maybe I’ll join him. I’ve become addicted to a series of books called the High Heel mysteries. They are very light fun reading. Don’t have to pay a lot of attention when reading them. As I finish one I download the next one in the series. Thank goodness they aren’t expensive.

7:40 a.m.   Hooray the sun is up - no fog today. It will be a bright and beautiful day.

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Ali Workentin said...

Hi Carol

Love your pictures and that salad looked scrumptious.

Loved your story of the fortune teller...sure hope you go longer than what he predicted about time here on earth...take care and see you on here and on the Women's RV forum.