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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No pictures - feeling crappy

Tuesday p.m – I think – had to check the computer to be sure.

Short post today – I have the mother of all colds. Been not feeling well since before the New Year. First sore throat – at least that is gone and now a raging cold. Have not had one in years so guess I really shouldn’t complain. Can’t even keep my glasses on my eyes are running so bad. Even my teeth ache.

And where does all that SNOT come from.(strange as it seems I’m not the only person wondering that – I looked it up on line – lots of info there.) At the rate my nose is running I should just dry out in an hour or so.

Have downloaded a couple of easy reading books to my Nook to keep me amused.

We have been out and about a little – on Sunday we went to a big open air farmer’s market. As always they are interesting. Amazing what you can buy. Will post some pictures when I feel like dealing with them.

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