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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just some random thoughts

Sunday p.m.

After getting up at the crack of dawn we ended up not doing much today. He really did catch THE COLD FROM HELL! Sure hope it doesn’t knock him down for a week too.
He went back to bed this morning while I fooled around with the computer. Been trying all day to make one simple change to the home page of my web site. Finally, just now, it let me upload it. http://www.movingon1.com/ all I wanted to do was add the info below where it says My Blog. Now it is done. I won.
After he got up again we took a short drive downtown and had breakfast at the Panama in the Zona Dorada. I had French Toast and he had a Monte Cristo Sandwich. Pretty good. Then drove along the beach for a ways and to Soriana for bread. By then he was ready to head home.
He read this aft and I took another nap. That is becoming a habit I need to break.

Last night while at the Plaza Machado we saw a couple of women that we used to see last year. They are probably both on the north side of 60 and appear to be single – any way they are always alone. Last year they would both dance to the music of Rafael Rodriguez on Sunday nights at one of the restaurants. One would bring her hula hoops and dance to the beat while keeping the hoop moving. She always had her hoop the same color as the dress she wore. Last night we saw her at a different restaurant. She had two hula hoops with her. But she was wearing cut off jeans and a short sleeve shirt instead of a flowy dress. But she sure is good with that hoop. She didn’t stay long. Hope to see her again while we’re here.

The other lady we first saw yesterday walking along the Malec√≥n towards the Plaza. I recognized her by her walk. Then we saw her in the Plaza while we were eating. Last year she also always wore flowing gauzy dresses and always had a big beautific smile on her face as she swayed to the music. I always wondered if she was remembering a perfect time in the past as she danced. This year she had on black legging Capri/peddle pushers (what ever they are called now) pants and a black nondescript blouse and most of all – no smile on her face. And I don’t think she did any dancing last night – just walked through. I hope it’s not because the realities of life have caught up with her this year.

Another motorhome pulled into the back part of the campground with us. In fact he pulled in right next to us. Hum? But he says he is just here for overnight they will be going further south tomorrow morning. So I guess we still won’t have any company back here.

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