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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Strolling in the Zona Dorada and the Old District again

New Years Eve about 9:00p.m.
We were going out tonight to the Plaza but my throat got worse and I’m now on antibiotics so didn’t think it would be the smartest thing to sit around outside in the damp night air for hours. So I cooked dinner here and we are enjoying nice music and to bed early.
For some reason my laptop keeps throwing me off the Internet connection – finally figured out how to re-enter my password to get back on. Hope I remember how I did it in case it happens again. Grrrrr.... for some reason I can't get online using IE or FireFox just AOL. And AOL gives me problems when trying to upload pics on this blog. Maybe I'll just have a drink of Kahlua and call it a night. Finally figured out it isn't the laptop it is Hughes Net - the same thing is happening with Bill's laptop.
Yesterday we had a fun day. Started off in the Zona Dorada and ended up in the Centro Historico.
Passed this guy on the way downtown. As far as I could tell he didn’t have anything attaching him to the top of the truck.
Parked and walked around the Golden Zone (tourist trap) where all the big hotels are located along the beach. And all the stores that sell all the tourist stuff.
There are a lot of jewelry and clothing stores scattered here and there.

Colorful dresses
A few things we noticed. Most of the tourists were Mexican – guess this is their week to vacation. The stores were not busy and a lot of them that were here last year are empty and for sale/rent. Seems like the better places – jewelry and good art stores are gone and have been replaced by junky places.
Kind of sad. Made me want to leave. The vendors practically pull you into the ones that are still open. I don’t much care for that.
We walked through one bunch of little stores that eventually led out to the beach. Again many many vendors – more than customers. In this area all the prices are in US dollars – they don’t even mention pesos. And the prices are double what they are in the old district.

And the beach in front of the hotels was pretty crowded. The usual musical groups and performers and waiters and umbrellas. Not my idea of a fun vacation. Each their own.
More sellers than buyers
Crowded in front of the hotels
Did watch some parasailing. I want to do that. Surprisingly it only costs about US$30. or so the guy said. Before we leave I’m going to do it. This is my winter of adventure.
Looks like fun
Went into the Shell Museum again. The shells we could have picked up the hundreds in Huatabampito were selling for US$5 each!!!! We could have made a fortune. Finally got Bill to go upstairs and look at the fountain. It’s really something to see. Last year I posted a bunch of pictures of it.

A close up of part of the design. All done in shells.

For any Harley fans out there – we saw this biked parked out in front of a restaurant. When we stopped to look at it the owner came right out. He had it painted – air brushed – by a guy just down the street. Beautiful job. 
The detail is amazing - done with an air brush
We didn’t stay there too long – I was looking for a mouse pad for the laptop – and wanted a Mexico touristy one. Didn’t find one.
Driving along the Malecón is always fun – you never know what you might see.
There were lots of families on the beach and in the water. Kites flying and in-line skaters flying down the sidewalks. This guy was selling pastry.

Once in the centro area we parked in “our” spot and stopped for lunch in the plaza. Italian Chicken Salad. Very good. Grilled chicken, croutons, red and green peppers, avocado, onions, tomatoes, a couple of types of lettuce heaped on a big plate. Also had coke and beer and chips and dip. Came to US$16.50
So then we had to walk it off right. Decided to go down a couple of blocks we hadn’t walked before. These are lights put into the sidewalks to illuminate the area at night. However I don’t ever remember seeing them lit. Will have to remember to look next time were there at night.

Just noticed this drawn on a door of an empty building.

This is in the sidewalk in front of the Bank of Mexico. It was established in 1898. Unfortunately they tore down the old building and built a modern new one before the area was designated historic.

This purple and green building is huge. Originally it was the German Notions Store.
See the trimmed trees

Last year there was some kind of business in there - now it is for rent
It was founded in the late 1840s and remained in operation for nearly 100 years. The plaque on front of it says “According to one turn of the century description it was filled with luxurious array of merchandise that included the latest in everything from notions, hardware, tile, toys, jewelry and watches to farm and mining tools. Also fine furniture, watercolors and paintings. Also on sale were a variety of musical instruments. During WWII because of his German nationality the business’s owner was forced to close his store and leave the country.”
There are so many interesting buildings in this area – we continued on.. I have so many beautiful pictures of the area we explored that I have to sort through them.

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