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Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday a.m.

Well I think I’ve almost returned to normal – every day I feel a little better.
Crappy day here so far – its 10:30 and the sun is still behind the fog. Strange not to see a beautiful blue sky when I look out the window.
Tonight is the Art Walk in the Centro Historico – starts at 4:00 Hope I continue to feel good so we can go. We have a map for the walk and places to visit but I have to wonder how many of them are really there. As we’ve walked around the district we haven’t seen as many “galleries” as they show on the map. Only open once a month maybe?
First we either have to do the laundry or find some place to get it done. Probably find some place to have it done – if I remember correctly a load of laundry here in the park is pretty expensive. Unless he has changed his policies. I see he now lets the vegetable truck into the park. Last year the guy had to park in the street and people had to walk out to it.

Friday p.m.

Well we didn’t go to the Art Walk – just didn’t feel up to it by late afternoon (actually I was napping) Guess we’ll have to stay until the 1st Friday next month.
Earlier we did go to the market and pick up a bunch of movie DVDs – hopefully they are all in English. For about US$5 apiece. And had the laundry done – left it off and picked it up already. They even ironed some of it. WOW. First time some of my stuff has ever seen an iron.
Pepe from the campground came by earlier and sprinkled some white powder all around us to keep the ants out. He says it works really well. Hope so.
Bill and I were talking earlier about how empty the RV parks are here this year. It is really too bad. Even at that very busy and crowded open air market we were at the other day we both felt completely safe. Everyone is so friendly and delightful to talk to. We have no problem with walking around after dark in the old district. Lots of people are walking along the Malecon every night. We have not seen any sign of trouble since we've been here.

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