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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Day and Evening of Errands

Wednesday a.m.
Oh good – I thought it was Thursday but it’s only Wednesday – and foggy AGAIN.
I need to get this caught up!
After our busy day Sunday we kind of took it easy Monday. Ran a bunch of errands. Went to Home Depot to buy some black rust resistant spray paint. It is right on the shelves and easy to pick up but it doesn’t have the spray nozzle on it. After you pay for it you have to go to Customer Service and get the nozzle.
From there we went to Sam’s Club – yep there is one here. And The Driver found what he was looking for Prosciutto!!! He is so happy about that. Also found Pepperoni – I’m so happy too. You have to pay to park at Sam’s Club – can’t figure that one out.
Then on to Soriana for regular grocery stuff.
Back to Jennie for a while.
I’ve been doing a lot of reading on my Nook. Really enjoying it. Also can now read in bed while Bill is sleeping as I have a little light that just shines on the nook page. Have found a couple of good free books – one especially “Life, Love and a Polar Bear Tattoo.” Have to be careful though to make sure they are full books and not samples or just 7 or 8 page stories. And some really cheap ones too at 99 cents. I’ve just started reading David Baldaccis new one “Hell’s Corner.”
Got hungry and did feel like cooking so we went out to dinner again. After eating we drove over to the central shopping area. By then it was dark out. Here’s a picture I took of the Cathedral with the new program. Turned out pretty.
One of the busy sidewalks and streets. Lots of people out at night.
The Panama restaurant we eat in a lot. Busy sidewalks at night
And this is of the roof of the Central Market.
I just liked the way it looked at night.
We’ve discovered in all our walking around that more things are open at night then are open during the day. The most surprising being doctors offices. They are open until 9:00 at night. Makes sense – if you work it is much easier to get to one evenings than during the day.
A lot more restaurants are open at night too. The only thing we noticed that was closed was the food shopping section of the Central market. The clothing and souvenir shops around the outside of the market were open but gates closed off the inner grocery section. And to answer the question everyone is thinking –“Is it safe to be out at night there?” Absolutely – the streets are full of families shopping and enjoying the evening.
I hate to admit it but I went bead shopping. I should have brought some with me from home to keep me busy when we aren’t going anywhere but I didn’t. So went out and bought some. AND have to go back to buy some more of the seed beads in different colors to match/mix with the bi-cone crystal ones I bought. Had to buy needles and thread too. Shame on me.

Yesterday, Tuesday,  the sun was out first thing in the morning. We were watching the gardeners in the campground painting all the trunks of the trees white – some kind of lime mixture. The teeny tiny ants that run around here are destroying the trees. They storm them and eat all the leaves off them. It’s amazing how much destruction something so tiny can do. The first time I saw some in Jennie I thought I was seeing spots before my eyes. They aren’t much bigger than this - That’s right – that little dash.
Poor little tree
Off we went for more strolling around town. Our first stop was for lunch. We had hamburgers in Beach Burger in the Plaza Machado. Here is another restaurant there. Arab Tacos?
Different Menu
While we were eating this gentleman came by to entertain the customers. He had a piece of threaded pipe that he was sliding a metal washer up and down on – making music? And singing. He also had a sandwich board on advertising a house for sale. Enterprising young man.
Music? Maker
At one corner of the Plaza is the Fine Arts Municipal Center.
It has quite a history before becoming a school.
This is a new addition to the Municipal Center – lots of work still to do.

Now it is used for classes in painting, sculpture, literature, dance, theater and music. Well here is the plaque telling about it.

This is a picture of a Pulominia that the plaque talks about.
This is a very fancy one - most don't have doors
This particular day the smell of varnish permeated the square. The wooden benches were being repaired and refinished.
Before – most were even missing wooden slats.
After – nice and fixed and varnished.
New wood, new varnish
They were also repainting the white wrought iron benches.
After eating we continued to walk the neighborhood. Saw this gym. It is open nights but closed days too. Some really buff guys work out there every night. It’s very well equipped.
Then stopped to check out a condo. It was tiny – less square feet then the Alfa – and not much more than Jennie. . Reminded us of something Hugo from Ajijic would build. Everything inside was concrete.
The kitchen
Living room and kitchen - concrete dividing wall
The bedroom
Love the ceiling and colors - that is the WHOLE room
The bathroom

Asking price 105,000 US but reduced to 75,000US. The outside – courtyard is shared with two other condos.
Shared courtyard
Still Wednesday but now evening - we had a spectacular day today - but that will be another blog.
Then down a couple of buildings to an art gallery – some interesting stuff in there but the best part were the tile floors.

Tile floors
As we walked back towards the car I noticed all the outside walls that would now need painting. I mentioned a week or so ago that all the wiring in Mazatlan Old District was going to be put underground. Well as the place the conduit under the streets and sidewalks they need to run it to the electric meter on the buildings too. So now everyone will have to repaint a strip or two on the outside of their business or home.
That will need to be painted - someday -
We also toured the Casa Machado but that will wait for the next blog. I'm worn out tonight.

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