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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Guadalajara Market

One of the days that we were staying in Ajijic we took a trip into Guadalajara (about 35 miles.) Spent a little time there wandering around and decided we needed to spend more time there so here we are back at the campground in Guadalajara. Here we can get Internet from another guy in the park who has it – for a fee – which is fine with me.
So far we’ve been here four days including the day we drove up from Ajijic and we have walked our legs off. Still have more on my list of things to do and see.
One day we walked around the main plazas [found parking right under the main plaza] for awhile then hiked down to the old, big central market – this is where we went shopping 32 years ago and didn’t get any shopping done as Gil got a bloody nose and we had to leave. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. The place was impressive then but now it is mind boggling. It takes up three square blocks and is four stories high. Quoting from a guide book "Here one finds everything that the soil produces plus that which man's fancy and needs can devise with his hands." A pretty good description of it. This is the older part that I remember -a big open area surrounded by stalls.

Looking at part of the interior - you better remember where you came in.

Like things for sale seem to be clustered together. Some how we ended up in the section selling leather goods and cowboy stuff. The saddles for sale were magnificent.

It’s a darn good thing we don’t have a horse. All kinds of leather clothing. In fact Bill found something he has been looking for for years – a Shearling Coat. You know the kind that is suede outside and lined in sheep’s wool inside. They are so expensive in the US he’s never bought one. So he’s got one now – I told him that for sure we have to spend next winter at home so he’ll get some use out of it. Every thing you would need if you had a horse. Boots, belts, chaps, hats –from plain straw to great big decorated sombreros,
spurs – fancy and plain, bits, and more saddles.
In another area there were clothes. Again everything from plain jeans to fancy Mariachi suits in all sizes some small enough to fit a one yr olds both for men and women. And the dresses for the women – for the dances – wow – so beautiful.

Then we found the sweets area – yum. All kinds of strange –to me- candy. Did buy some Dulce de Leche and some dulce de leche candies.
And electronics – stall after stall. Got a couple of good movies for about US$3. Want to go back and get some more. One with Meryl Streep and Alex Baldwin and Steeve Martin was pretty good – funny. Also Last Chance Harvey.
Then in the open area were chicks and fighting cocks, pet birds of all sorts - cages piled one on the top of the other - everything chirping, squawking or crowing.

and a couple of sorry looking puppies – made me want to buy them to give them a good home. The Driver drug me away from that area. Just one stall of baskets - any color or size you would want. The shopping bags like we bought 32 years ago are still being sold.

Want a foot massage - no problem you can get one.

On the outside edges of the open area were food stalls.

Some of the black spots on the watermelon were bees.

Also lots of places to eat……Could have spent all day there and are planning on doing just that before we leave here. So that's just one thing we've done here. More to come. Today we are going to Tonoala - thats were we went to the little market place years ago. It has really grown up.

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