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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hugo's Campground Ajijic

2nd post today - other one below this one.
Still trying to catch up - still last week.
Saturday - Well we’ve been in Ajijic for a few days now. The other motorhome (40 footer) that was here in the campground left early this a.m. Yesterday afternoon they moved it from where it was parked in the middle of the lawn to the driveway so they could get an early start this morning. It took quite a while and lots of maneuvering with lots of people giving the poor guy directions. But he made it and they are long gone now.
There are a lot of changes here at Hugo's, but some things stay the same. The electricity is holding up good. Big improvement. The pipes sticking up out of the ground that we thought were for the sewer turned out to be “pipes sticking up out of the ground” – connected to nothing. So what are we going to do for a sewer – well between the day we drove down here in the car and talked to Hugo and the day we got here in Jennie Hugo had his workers dig a “septic tank/hole” about 30’ away from where we parked. Then he had them lay a long 4” PVC pipe to a couple feet from us. It is on an angle down towards the hole. But not a very steep angle…. Not every one has a sewer connection dug and set up just for them.

[After note - we only dumped gray water into the new sewer - didn't think the other would be able to flow up hill through the hose and pipe.]
This is Jennie enjoying the scenery.
Notice the sitting area in the middle of the round about. It is supposed to be a fountain but the water wasn't running while we were there.

And we’ve discovered that the city turns off the towns electric water pump at night. This doesn’t bother the houses as their water is on their roofs in tanks – but we end up with no water pressure – have to turn on our water pump – so we have to remember that before we turn in for the night. If we don’t no water for flushing at night.
This place is really quite pretty. Lots of different plants and Hugo sculptures.

and over looking the lake. He collects junk then uses it to make really interesting "things." The gate into the place is on a remote so no one can come in. We have the company of several hens and chicks – but no rooster – One of the hens has lost all her tail feathers to the owner’s puppy – hen seems fine – just looks funny and there are feathers all over the yard.

Lots of pretty birds. One with a bright yellow breast

and another little red one. Had trouble getting a good picture of him, he wouldn't sit still.

And of course the garzas

and some white pelicans.

It really is a restful place to stay. Lots of plants: banana trees, papaya and peach trees, of course palms and lots of flowers.
Hugo’s house in the back ground. It is finished now and he and his three children live there.

There is another completed house (that is for rent) and yet another house being built in the campground area. They are up along the street. When we were here three years ago he was working on both his house and the rented one. The new one was just a gate house then.
There are people living below the campground wall – between it and the lake – they are called “paracaidistas” translated as paratroopers – ‘cause where ever they land they stay. Basically what we call squatters. Was watching the woman wash dishes in a big galvanized tub – earlier she had washed her clothes in the same tub. Don’t know where they get their water – hopefully from a hose and not the lake.

The man of the house was out in the lake fishing with a net today, usually he goes out in a small boat.
And there was a big brown cow with a limp wandering around down there. There is a small herd of cows (4 of them) that wander up and down the street out front. Have to stop and wait for them to get out of the way. The other post has a link to the first time we were at Hugo's - three years ago.

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