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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Half way home

Here we are again – We are currently in a KOA in Texarkana, TX – actually right at the state line. The Internet comes and goes as it pleases so will try to get this posted before it goes again.
Yesterday was a long drive and EXPENSIVE – yes expensive – getting around Houston on the Tollway was 13.50…..Shades of Mexico. But guess it was much better than trying to drive through town.
Last night we stayed about 40 miles north of Houston at a Thousand Trails campground – out in the middle of nowhere. They too had WiFi but so weak couldn’t do anything.
The drive was pretty lots of beautiful wildflowers in bloom along the highway. All colors: red, pink, yellow, white and lavender just to mention a few. And the trees are in bloom, I think they are redbuds. And there are actual mowing machines cutting the grass in the medium – not goats or horses. And no topes. But I’ll have to say one thing about Mexico the Pemex stations are much easier to get in and out of there then the stations here.
Last night it poured – at one time it even sounded like hail. Probably wasn’t but sure sounded like it. Today we decided to move on towards home. Kind of meandered up through eastern Texas. Lots of small towns, grass and trees. Even one really big lake.
The only problem was the wind – blew the whole darn day and really hard at times. Poor Jennie was getting knocked all over the place.
Probably will take off again tomorrow to???? But both Saturday and Sunday I want to watch the NASCAR races that take place around noon – so we’ll have to park early or stay in one place.

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