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Friday, March 26, 2010

Zooming up the Highway

This was another long day – 530 miles from Texarkana, TX to Franklin, KY – Bill thought I wanted to be home by Saturday so I could watch the races on TV – well dah – we have TV in Jennie – and besides found out Kyle isn’t going to race his truck Saturday anyway. So to be nice I cooked a good dinner tonight. Gnocchi and meatballs and sauce. Well I had to boil the water to cook the packaged gnocchi and heat up the frozen meatballs and frozen sauce that Bill made a while ago. I did the dishes too.
Saw a strange sign on the freeway today –“Construction zone - Turn off 2-way radios and cell phones.” Hum?? Will have to check that out.
Another small aggravation – the gas stations that only let you put $75 or $100 in the tank when using a credit card. We now have gas receipts coming out of our ears. Two for each fill up.
The further north we get the fewer trees we see blooming and with new leaves. Maybe we came home too early. A little late to be figuring that out isn’t it.
I’m reading an interesting book by Jeffery Deaver called “Roadside Crosses” very interesting – it’s got a lot about blogging in it. Worth the read.
I’m still trying to used to this new laptop. A couple of the keys are in different places and Windows 7 is a little strange. But so far no real big problems.

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