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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Visiting Chapala

Went over to the town of Chapala to walk around the Malecón a while Monday morning. The lake is pretty clean now. No more acres of water plants along the shore. There is a new little “island” built just off shore with a big statue on it.

Couldn’t find out who it is – but the birds sure seem to like it. There are new iron gates with a copper fish motif on leading out to the pier.

By the entrance of the pier is an interesting fountain sculpture of four fishermen working with a fishing net. The net is a real net. Looking at it the right way there was a pretty rainbow.

Took a look up at the power poles that have the wiring for the lights for this area. Some things just don’t change. And this is the cities doing.

Ate at the restaurant we ate in three years ago. From it we could see that the area around the yacht club is actually a marina now, not filled with floating plants. There are even some sailboats docked there.

But the breakwater seems a little in need of some repair. How much longer can it hold up?

The garzas are so elegant – the captain of the ship. He just stood there and watched all the other birds fly and paddle around.

Along the Malecón there are lots of vendors. Beings how it was Monday not all of them were open but it’s still interesting to walk along and look. And it’s a really great place for people watching.
All dressed up for the day.

When we first got there they were just setting up and there was trash all over (from the day before, Sunday) but by the time we left it was completely clean.
Lots of clothing for sale, in fact, I bought another blouse – no I didn’t need it but it looked cool – not fashion cool – weather cool. Also lots of food places. Fruit cut up, lots of candy an sweets and even hot food prepare on a Coleman stove right there in the vendors stall. The hot food place also sold beer. One guy who said he was from Chicago and wishes he was there now – hum why isn’t he? Could it be the tattooed tear drops? Any way he was trying to talk us into eating some of the little dried white fish from the lake. No thanks.

Also stands selling drinks with liquor in them. Even ice cream stands with the ice cream in metal containers set in baskets with dry ice around them.

What always stops me though are the older women who sit on the ground and weave blanket material. There were two of them that day. One had her feet straight out in front of her covered with some cloth.

The other lady was sitting on her feet.

They both were sitting on a couple pieces of cardboard covered with blankets. And the material is beautiful. I could stand and watch them all day.
Suddenly there were what sounded like cannon shots. BAM, BAM, BAM – (didn’t count them that time but found out later there were 31.) They were fireworks, not the pretty kind, just the loud kind. While we were there there were three sets of them. And while they were going off the church bells were ringing too. Monday was March 1st and the bangs were offered to Providence to ask for good times for the month – 31 days. And they were coming from the church. Check out the video at the end. Turn it way up. It they didn’t get Providences attention they sure should have.
Leaving that area by car is always a challenge – at one place four lanes of traffic all coming from different directions has to merge into one lane heading towards the center of town. It’s basically a case of who is bigger – or – who has the most guts to cut in. I just close my eyes and hang on.

At the main corner with the road leading back to Ajijic there is a police man who stands with the button to control the lights and a couple more that stand in the street directing. Still there is a lot of horn blowing and nosing in.
On the road to Ajijic there is a new mural – again outstanding work – and again about the history of the area.
There have been a lot of changes since we were here 32 years ago and it was just a sleepy little town.

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