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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Guanajuato continued

As we walked back towards the Cathedral we started to see whole families leaving with their babies beautifully dressed in their Baptismal outfits. As we turned into the courtyard again there were food tables set up – this one run by the nuns.

One baby in particular fascinated us. We asked the family if we could take his picture. Grandma was very happy to pose with him.

The outfits are unbelievable in their detail. Again I was thinking of the extravagant and expensive outfits the children get for Baptism, First Communion and the 15th birthday. Must cost a fortune and then if you have a girl there’s her wedding. Glad we lived in the states and had boys.
Surprisingly we did a lot of walking around the areas that we didn’t visit last year. I say surprisingly because at 6300 feet I usually get out of breath pretty fast. But didn’t seem to bother me – maybe because I was so enthralled with the sights again. The street right next to the church doesn’t look real – more like a stage setting with its brightly colored buildings with their iron balconies.

Across from the Cathedral there are several outdoor cafes – Different colored facades and umbrellas for each establishment. Most of the tables were full. Lots of voices and laughter and the occasional sounds of a guitar coming from them. As we continued walking the churro man passed us. His big tray piled high with golden delicious smelling churros balanced carefully on his head.

Passed more vendors – more paintings for sale with the artist sitting there painting a new one. Jewelry for sale – maybe she was just tired of walking.

And some scenes of the town, narrow alleys and looking in between buildings and looking up at the balconies with their flower pots.
Found another church this one was built in 1792 – there was a mass going on so didn’t go inside.

Finally we tired and left the wonderous city of Guanajuato and returned to the motorhome. We left the next morning for Queretaro.

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