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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tonala - making plaster vases

Again this should follow the two posts below it but..... Then we came across an area where they were making the plaster vases we saw for sale all over. There was a big “pit” area with terraced “shelves” all around it. And zillions of vases - some raw some painted. In the pit the vases were being made. On the terraced areas they were drying and being painted. Had no idea they could be made so quickly. First the plaster was mixed then poured into plastic molds with rubber liners. The molds were in two pieces strapped together. The plaster poured in through a hole in the bottom. Then the men would pick up and rotate the molds for a short time, then add more plaster and repeat the rotating. They did this several times. I guess depending on how thick the vase had to be. Then they would release the straps, take off the plastic mold pieces, remove the rubber lining and there would be the vase. It was then cleaned off by hand and set out to dry. Later they would be painted. Very quick and very efficient. Just a very short video of the rotating

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