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Friday, March 19, 2010

Just blah blah

Finished the post for Leon but wanted to keep up with what we’re doing also.
We drove from Queretaro to McAllen, TX in one marathon run. 570 miles took about 10 hours. The Driver says that’s like driving 1000 miles on US roads. It took US$115 for the toll roads. But the roads were very good. For that rice they better be. But as usual there were the goats, burros and cows wandering on the shoulders and center divider. Even a few topes near sharp curves. They sure get your attention.
This time no problems crossing the borders. Found the Pharr International Bridge just outside of Reynosa. Some bad traffic going through the outskirts of Reynosa – there was an accident – once past it it was smooth sailing. Turned in our vehicle permits – for some reason they didn’t take the tourist cards – I think that is an oops and maybe we’d better go turn them in in the next day or two. Then we had to pay a toll to cross the bridge.
Getting into the US was fine. Two different guys came in and checked the refrigerator. All they found was cooked bacon, Italian sausage and hard boiled eggs. We ate the last apple on the way there.
We are at the same RV park that we always stay at. Good Wi-Fi and a laundry that we have to make use of soon. Its nice to have electricity we can depend on. Got the Direct TV turned back on so now we can watch news (ugh) and NASCAR racing (yes)
Went out to dinner as soon as we were parked. Both of us wanted a good steak. We went to Applebee’s – The place was almost empty yet it took 20 minutes to get a waiter, another 15 minutes to get our drinks and an hour to get our food. Steak was good. But otherwise rather a disappointment as far as service was concerned.
Went to Wal*Mart the next day and got a bunch of books and a beading magazine Hooray! Then walked around a great mall here in town. Didn’t do much else as Bill has a bad cold. At least it waited until we were here. He is really under the weather.
We are both glad to be back in the USofA.
One thing I didn’t mention is the fact that there is a 16% tax on EVERYTHING – from groceries, restaurants, clothes and the tolls on the road just to mention a few things.
Gasoline and diesel went up three times while we were there. The campgrounds that have full facilities are about as expensive as in the US – US$ 25 to 30 a day.
For the time we spent in Mexico we averaged $64 a day for all expenses. Did not include the beads we bought in that amount. Jennie was fine – averaged about 7 mpg. Lots of high altitude driving. We had no problems of any kind with her.
We plan on taking our time going home, don’t know when we’ll leave here – but not until he is feeling really good.
Our time in Leon follows this. And still have to finish Guanajuato and Queretaro. Should keep me busy for awhile.

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