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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dead Battery on Willie

Well it is Sunday afternoon and we are still in Mazatlan, at least until the end of the week. We actually decided Friday night when coming home from the plaza after dinner to stay another week. Fate maybe. Saturday around noon we thought about going to the market. Bill went out and the Jeep wouldn’t start. The battery was dead as a doornail. Tried charging it with his handy dandy little charger –NOTHING! In fact less than NOTHING. Not even a click, click. When we got up in the a.m. I noticed that the window on the tail gate was open. All night. Hummmm – well come to find out it has an electric lock of some kind and when the battery died it popped open. Learn a new lesson. Back to the battery finally got a jump from the neighbor. Left the car running for quite a while, but didn’t want to go to store and get stuck so Bill just put it in front of Jennie in case he had to jump it again. Thought everything was fine. NOT Went out to go to dinner later and NOTHING – Oh, oh! Not good. Wouldn’t charge a bit. So back inside until morning couldn’t do anything then. Bill was playing computer chess – I was updating web page. Suddenly he gets up and goes outside. He was fooling with the car. Listening and shinning a light around under the hood. There was a ticking sound – something was discharging the battery as fast as the charger was charging. He finally located where the noise was coming from and disconnected a plug. In a few minutes the cars interior lights came on – hurray! Finally figured out what it was. The yellow fog lights had been on but the battery was so dead they didn’t show up. When there was finally a little charge he plug the ticking connection back in and the lights came on. Problem solved. Had turned them on by accident Friday night and didn’t notice them when we came home. Charged battery all night and Willie is happy now. Finally made it to the store today. Will write about our visit to La Noria later.

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