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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Just Putzing Around

Hum – it never rains in Mazatlan during January – well they are going to have to fix there weather books as it rained again during the night. We both woke up wondering what that noise was. It was hard rain on the roof. And then again today it rained. It just stopped. Only lasted a few minutes but the sky was black and ugly for a while. Strange weather all over I guess.

We did go to the Plaza Machado last night. The food and the band were good as usual. The unusual thing was there was hardly any one there. For Friday night that is strange. Bill finally asked and was told there was a big baseball game at the stadium and every one was either there or watching it at home or in a sports bar. Evidently they take their baseball seriously here. Mazatlan has a professional baseball team but no soccer team. Find that strange.
During the bands break a couple of other musicians came by to entertain. I don’t think they were Mexican. One played the guitar the other played a drum and an Andean flute. They were darn good.

This morning we found out there was a big fire in the central market – probable cause – faulty wiring – no kidding. But a while ago we drove by it and most of it was still open, just part of one end was damaged. Sure glad ‘cause there are a lot of stores in there selling everything from chicken feet to nice jewelry and clothes. Must have a good fire department to save as much of the place as they did.
It’s strange – Saturday is a big shopping day and all the parking lots in the old district were closed – we were going to go look for beads for me but couldn’t find any place to park. Decided that maybe the people from town don’t use them cause they are too expensive and busses are easier and cheaper. One of the big fabric stores across the street from the central market has lots of beads but I need Bill to ask if they have needles and beading thread. I didn’t see any the other day. I want to check out the prices of the fabric too – some of it was beautiful.
Talked with the mechanic he says it might just be a relay – if that’s the case he won’t have to take the transmission apart. That would be nice. We’ll find out Monday.

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