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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oh Willie, Poor Willie

We’ve had a monkey wrench thrown in our plans – hopefully not a great big one. Took a ride yesterday to the beach area south of the city. Guess Willie, the Jeep, did not like being on the sand. As we got back on the road and were heading home I noticed Bill paying a lot of attention to the sound of the engine. Then he shifted and accelerated and slowed down and shifted again. Hum??? Asked him what was wrong. He said that Willie had “lost 3rd gear.” Well maybe we better go back to the beach and find it! No, I didn’t really say that. Actually Willie was running fine, no noises or anything he just wouldn’t go into 3rd. We discussed this for a while. He can still be towed and driven but… So this morning Bill is at an automatic transmission mechanics to see what can be done and when.
The mechanic is the neighbor of the night watchman here at the campground. Bill talks to him a lot and when the guy told Bill that his feet were hurting him but that asprin, which made his feet feel better, hurt his stomach Bill recommended Tylenol – the guy had never heard of it so we bought him a bottle at Wal*Mart and gave it to him. You’d have thought that Bill was his savior after that. So this a.m. he took Bill to his neighbors to see what can be done. If that doesn’t work there is a Jeep dealer and garage here in town. So now it’s just wait and see for me.

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