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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nights in the Plaza Machado

Both Friday and Saturday evenings we went to Plaza Machado for dinner and to listen to a great band that plays there. A friend we met here in Mazatlan met us there Friday evening. She’s a neat lady, works for one of the condo places we looked at. She lived in Vegas for quite a while but came back to visit her parents and decided to stay. She prefers living here in Mazatlan. The band that night had a very good drummer – he really got a work out. Unfortunately we were sitting right next to him. Got pretty loud. Last night there was a different drummer and not quite so much noise.
The singer
Last nights drummer
More relaxing. Both nights there were a lot of vendors around the gazebo selling everything from jewelry to rhinestone baseball caps and candied apples and nuts. I would say the people mix is about 60% Mexican and 40% Norte Americanos. The latter being mostly couples our age. The former being whole families from tiny babies to grandparents.
It tickles us to watch the gringo women dance to the music, mostly their husbands pretend they don’t know them and the women gyrate away in their own world.
And of course the street performers. There is one guy on a unicycle who puts on a pretty good show. He usually has on a top hat and black and white stripped long coat. His helper is a really thin woman with braids. She wears a black fitted one piece outfit with flared legs and arms and cut to almost her crack in back. But together they put on a really entertaining show. They move around too much to get a decent picture of them.
Also walking around the plaza the last few nights is a group of teens dressed in newspapers. They make dresses and pants out of the papers. We were told they are gathering votes for the Carnaval Queen. Haven’t been close enough to get pictures of them either.
Yesterday afternoon we went to the plaza area because I though I’d seen a bead store. Turned out to be they sold sol bead necklaces etc. Just enforced my desire to find some beads somewhere and do a little beading. My new quest. One of the yardage stores has some beads in it but didn’t see any needles or thread. Will have to drag Bill in there and see if he can get any information. Believe it or not I bought a pair of red beaded earrings from one of the vendors – forgot to bring any with me and my pierced earring holes were closing up.
Every time we go to that area I see more buildings that amaze me. Whether it be the colors,
Now that is PINK with purple trim.
the tile work or just the age.
Tile under the balcony and around the windows
Love to walk around there.
Just enough clouds in the sky yesterday to make for another beautiful sunset.
It got redder after this.
Today so far is beautiful, blue sky some high clouds and a nice cool sea breeze.

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