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Thursday, January 28, 2010

More from Mazatlan

Didn’t realize it’s been more than a couple of days since I’ve updated our progress, or lack of it.
Don’t know if I mentioned it or not but there is a little outdoor restaurant here in the campground. We’ve eaten there a couple of times and the food is very, very good. Any way it’s been closed for a few days. The owner and his family work all work there have been sick. When he came back to work Bill asked him about closing up when he was sick, just how sick was he? Well it turns out if the Departimento de Salubridad Publica (city health department) should happen to come by and you or any of your workers are not feeling well they will shut the place down AND fine the owner 50,000 Pesos! All the street vendors selling food and the little taco stands are now licensed and regulated by the Health Department. And I’ve noticed that most everywhere where they deal with food in any way there are bottles of hand sanitizer being used. Times they are a changing.
Yum – just had some Arizona brand Kiwi con Fresca (Kiwi with Strawberry) drink. Pretty darn good, will have to buy some more. And it’s enriquecida con Vitamina C.
Drove over to Centro – the main shopping district around the Central Market a couple of times. If we go early enough before the palapa restaurants on the beach open, we get to see the ice truck delivering the days supply of ice blocks.
They leave the ice sitting on the curb for the restaurant to pick up. Also get to watch the guys and gals cleaning the sidewalks and streets. Very seldom do you ever see any trash on the streets – not even gum wrappers.
Cleaning the Malecon.
Had a ball in Centro – found a couple of fabric stores that not only sell fabric but they sell beads. Did I ever have fun. First about the fabric. Could not get over the prices. Nice all cotton fabric between one and two US dollars a meter (almost a yard.) Silk for less than three dollars a meter.
29.99 = 2.38 US
Could go wild there but didn’t. Only got some green cotton fabric about US$1.25 a meter – just like the fabric I paid 9.98 a yard for at JoAnns for the quilt I’ve got started at home. Also bought some woven fabric in several colors. Couldn’t pass it up. While on the subject of fabric, I was looking at some yardage on a table and wondering about it. Come to find out it is to make diapers.
Very inexpensive but felt like it would be super absorbent.
Now the beads – I went crazy – for the same amount of beads that I pay any where from US$2.99 – 4.99 a tube for at home I bought here for 3 Pesos – about 30 cents. Poor Jennie will have to haul all that extra weight around for the rest of the trip. Bought so much had to take it to the car before we could do anything else.
Not all of it.
Then we went to the Central Market. Very busy there as the cruise ships were in. About ten small tourist vans were parked down the street – everyone getting directions on where to go and when they had to be back to the van. In we toddled and FOUND!! Some more blouses and a couple skirts (one beige and one black – made out of a real soft gauzy material) for me and a shirt and nice cool cargo type summer pants for Bill. It’s a good thing we are leaving Mazatlan soon – or we wouldn’t have any room left to live.
Another day after eating breakfast at Gus Gus a really nice outdoor restaurant we took a walk around part of the Golden Zone that is on the main street. This stretch of the street is all hotels, condos, timeshares on the beach side and many different businesses on the other side. Lots of stores selling everything from “naughty” t-shirts to very expensive jewelry and paintings.
Went into a leather shop to look around. You could order what you wanted and have it made for you. The factory was upstairs.
Bill found a piece of beautiful black leather, it is so soft and fine. He couldn’t resist it. When we get home he really will have to start experimenting to see if he can make some of the masks like we have seen. I saw a metal peacock that was wonderful – it could be used as a fire place screen.
But EXPENSIVE! No room to put it in Jennie anyway.
Couldn't resist these flowers - so pretty along the sidewalk
Last night we went to Gus Gus other location for dinner with our friend Angelica. It is right on the marina and has good music on Wednesday nights. Except for one big birthday party everyone there was Gringo. The restaurant is right in front of a huge time share/condo building. Lots of people dancing and just enjoying the evening.
Today we went to grocery store and got home just before the heavens opened up again. Everyone is surprised by the amount of rain that’s come down here this January.
They are starting to get ready for Carnaval here - putting the lights and masks up on the streets

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