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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mazatlan - Colorful Buildings

Since Huatabampito (I do like that word) we’ve kind of been traveling with a couple of other rigs. Both Class Cs both smaller then ours and both without a tow car. Any one – one of them Eric, from Wisconson, also has a datastorm system that has been giving him some problems. He said he tends to agree with Bill about it being an expensive piece of !@#$. He went to dinner with us New Years Eve and has come with us just driving around the town a couple of times. Yesterday he moved on south. He had planned on staying here for a couple more weeks – which would have made his stay here one month. But the owner, who everyone calls a jerk, proved everyone right and refused to give him the monthly rate – wanted to charge him by the day instead. About US$100 difference. As a result Eric is now gone, the space is empty and the owner will be getting nothing.
The other RV is a couple who are from Montana. They were in El Fuerte with us too. They also went to dinner New Years Eve with us. From here we will probably go different directions.
Plaza where we had dinner in the daytime. At night the streets are closed off and the tables set out in the street.
This must be the time of year – We’ve seen about six brides since we’ve been here. A couple were in the Plaza Machado getting pictures taken in the gazebo there. One was coming out of the big church in the district historico. We had to wait while she got into a LONG white limo. It was so long it could barely make it around the corners of the narrow streets.
Just wanted to share a few scenes with all. Some of the colorful buildings that have been taken care of in the District Historico I love the colors here. The purples
Notice the laundry at end of street
Green, purple and orange
And this one is waiting for some TLC
How about the wiring here?
Here is some repair work going on. The painter is painting a section of the building on the third floor. Note the bucket and brush
The helper holding the ladder with a rope
The ladder – note the rope on the top of it - goes to the roof. No wonder so many things need painting.

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