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Monday, January 4, 2010

Shopping in Centro

Monday – we thought about leaving here today but then remembered I have to pick up my glasses and they probably won’t be ready until afternoon so decided to pay for a week more (it’s cheaper that way) so we’ll leave on Saturday. That also gives Bill a longer time to recuperate from his COLD.
I got up in time to see the sunrise this a.m. not spectacular but nice.

I have to admit I miss TV – just something to do evenings when it gets dark so early. I’m getting tired of reading. –didn’t think I’d ever say that. And I can’t figure out anything else to do to my web pages and/or blog. I’ve already taken so many pictures of Mazatlan it’s hard to find anything interesting to record. EGAD!
There are now three big motorhomes sharing the back part of the park with us. One was pulling a boat, one a trailer with two big full dressed motorcycles and the last one is a 45 footer. They are all friends from – where else? – Canada.
Had breakfast in the restaurant in the campground this a.m. Very good. Bill had an omelet and I had French Toast yummy. Then went to pick up my glasses. The town sure seems empty. Not too much traffic and the Malecón (boardwalk) was practically empty. Guess most of the tourists from inland have gone home. And no cruise ships in until tomorrow.
Picked up my regular glasses but the sun glasses weren’t quite right. Turns out cause the lenses are so curved I can’t get them progressive, they have to be bi-focals. Oh well. And Bill ordered a pair of glasses to use with his computer. We can pick them up Wednesday. Now I just have to get used to my new ones. I can read fine with them but can’t use them with the laptop.
After that we walked around a little. Went into a really nice department store. Lots of big name brands and expensive.

Bill found a razor but again more then he wants to pay. So still doesn’t have one. And we went into one of the largest fabric stores I’ve ever been in.

Could have spent all day in there just looking. From there we crossed the street to the Central Market. Quite a difference – everything for sale from chicken and pigs feet to produce, pottery and t-shirts. At one meat counter a butcher was slicing up half a carcass of beef? with a big knife.

We did buy a couple t-shirts though

and I gawked at the feet and heads.

Typical tourist had to take pictures. Wonder how many pictures of pigs feet are floating around the world from tourists to Mazatlan.
I got a t-shirt with a pulmonia on it. The pulmonias are the little golf carts turned into taxis that run all over town.

In fact we took one New Years Eve to the plaza and back. Pulmonia means pneumonia in Spanish. Bill says it’s a good name ‘cause you can catch pneumonia riding in one at night.

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