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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Just rambling

Anyone who got the notice with the slide show please ignore it. It was funny though and I guess it didn’t work. To see what it is really like click on this http://www.movingon1.com/revisitsinaloa.php it is a really nice presentation when you can see it.
To put an end to something I mentioned earlier – our awning is kaput. It will go out but has to be hand rolled back up. That means either a very tall person or a ladder. So with the help of our neighbor, a pretty tall man, and a ladder it is now back up and hopefully locked in place. The spring is broken and can’t be replaced here in Mazatlan or probably anywhere else here in Mexico. Oh well – joys of RVs. While on the subject of RVs – we had Jennie washed and waxed yesterday. She looks much better. Took a couple pounds of dust off her.
Yesterday it rained again – most of the day was overcast. Everyone is amazed “It NEVER rains in Mexico in January.” Well it did this year. Today there are bright blue skies. Bill has been feeling crappy – he has a monstrous cold – what is it with him and colds in January in Mexico. Makes me realize just how small this RV is! Hopefully today he is better. Tried to buy some Sudafed here – can only get it with prescription – So pharmacists recommended something else. It is kind of like a hot tea. Bill mixed it up and heated it up and said it tasted fine. But then he let it cool down – from the faces he was making I don’t think it tasted so fine then. But he seemed to get a good nights sleep.
He’s been looking for an electric razor as his is taking chunks out of him now. Can’t find any here. Take that back did find one but it was $80 in Wal*Mart yet. Says he’ll use a regular razor before paying that. Which reminds me of something else that happened a couple of days ago.
Sitting here with the door open when I heard – “Hello” “Hello” I went to the door.
An older man with a white straw hat, white shirt with the sleeves rolled up and navy blue pants on was standing there. He was carrying a bag kind of like an old doctor’s bag. He said something to me – thought I caught the word for hair but not sure. When I shook my head he made a scissoring motion with his fingers around his head. And repeated what he said. He was a barber. Neither Bill nor I have enough hair to cut so I told him no. He wished me a Feliz Año Nuevo smiled and left. I watched him slowly walk through the rest of the park. Got me to wondering if he makes a living doing that. And how many parks he walks through a day.
Sometimes all the vendors and begging get to me. The other night, New Years Eve, in the plaza there were little boys, about 6 or 7 years old selling chicklets, little girls around 10 or 11 selling roses and older Indian women with their babies strapped to their backs selling hand made dolls and purses. Of course the guys with guitars wanting to sing and play for us. One old guy – drunk as a skunk stopped and sang a whole song and then held out his hat. And I haven’t mentioned the young people who do acrobatics at the intersections then come by your car with their hand out. You feel like a real jerk just ignoring them but if you bought something or gave something to all of them you’d be broke in a month. And then there are the kids and old people who bag your groceries, the guys in the parking lots that direct you in and out of parking spaces, the gas station attendants – all of them get tipped. Could go through a lot of Pesos real fast.
Enough rambling for now. More later as I want to see if the blog will take two or three postings in one day. Hummmmm

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