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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Eve at Plaza Machado

News Year’s Day 2010 – ALREADY!!!!! And our 45th anniversary. We had rain one whole night and part of the next day. Since then we’ve had blue skies and it has not been quite so muggy as before the rain. Heard some banging and thumping coming from the area next to the RV park yesterday. It is full of tall palm trees and a couple of guys were “harvesting” the coconuts. One would ram a tree with a bulldozer knocking the coconuts down into a dump truck. The ones that missed the truck would be picked up and thrown in. What ever works. Guess it is better then climbing them and knocking the coconut off with a machete. The cruise ships are here on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so we drove out the main road along the malecón (its 10 kilometers long!) to watch the cliff divers. It’s kind of funny how they do it. First a shill goes up on the platform and stands on the rail acting like he is going to dive. So everyone starts to gather around to watch. All this time the real diver is working the crowd collecting money. And they keep calling back and forth to one another. When the crowd gets big enough and enough money is collected the diver climbs the platform and then dives. The other guy walks back out into the crowd again collecting money. Took some pictures of him diving, using the click, click, click function on my camera, but didn’t move the camera enough to catch him hitting the water. There’s always next time. The town is really crowded this time of year. Both with Norte Americanos and Mexicans from the inland. Lots of Jalisco license plates on cars. Oodles of people on the beach and in the water. [oodles – now there’s a good word – thank you thesaurus] We did go back to take pictures of the Christmas tree made of bottles. Really ingenious. And while there we found an Optical place that had the frames I want for my glasses. Hooray! Left him my prescription I got in Indiana and will pick up not only regular glasses but also a new set of sun glasses next week. Both for less then the one pair would have cost at Lenscrafters in US. Now I have my fingers crossed that they are okay. We went out to New Years dinner at the Plaza Machado at the restaurant where we’ve eaten before. The tables were set out in the blocked off street. There were roving entertainers and a really good Cuban band playing. Lots of families there and lots of dancing going on. The evening didn’t even get cold. And the big full moon. Had a really nice time. First time in a long time we’ve been up at midnight. Bill has a terrible cold today. And today the guy is supposed to come and wash and wax Jennie. Finally took Willie to a car wash yesterday and had him cleaned inside and out. He even seems to run better now.
And now Jennie has been shined up too.
More about what we’ve been doing at a later time.
New Years Eve dancing and band playing

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