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Monday, January 25, 2010

Willie is Well Again

Monday. Willie went to the Jeep dealer here in Mazatlan. It seems like his problem isn’t too bad. A sensor in the transmission burnt out. Can be replaced without major surgery. It’s six o’clock and he is home and happy. Around $1800 Pesos to fix including transmission fluid. Thank goodness. Less than US$150. Could have been worse.
Just a couple of tid bits we’ve run across the last few days and evenings. Last week Bill bought a can of spray paint at the market. When he went to use it the button you press to make the paint spray was gone. Back to the market – come to find out all the buttons are removed so the paint can’t be used. After you buy it you go to customer service and they will give you a button. Hum….Now I know why it isn’t locked up like in the states. Can’t use it anyway.
Have been to the plaza a couple more times for dinner and to listen to music. Found out that the vendors that display their wares there have to get a permit from the city to do it. Saturday night it was packed. That’s the night the young people go out and about. Traffic is very heavy and follows a route – kind of like cruising night. From the old district, down the Malecón and turn around at the second light in the Golden Zone and out again.
The stretch along the Malecón is a divided road with parking in the center. It is packed with parked cars full of young people. Their doors and windows are open with loud music pouring out of them. Every one stands outside on the center divider talking and drinking. Yes, drinking mostly beer. The rules are and I quote “Drinking from your parked car on the Malecón is not permitted between 2 and 5 a.m.” Before and after is fine I guess. I wonder how many cops are around at 2 a.m. when everyone who has been drinking gets into their car to go home.
We did notice that Sunday morning the street in that area was very clean – no trash of any kind was left there. In fact this is a very clean city. Always see people cleaning the streets and sidewalks.
Sunday evenings the plaza is not as busy and the streets are not as crowded. But the area around where the cliff divers show off is packed. Food vendors line the street next to the sidewalk. Families, from babies to grandparents are everywhere especially around the area where the street performers are. They are there until late at night.

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