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Thursday, January 7, 2010

El Quelite

Was listening to Roy Clark sing “Yesterday When I Was Young.” It still surprises me when I remember how old I am. Where have the years gone? Its funny your mind still thinks you are young – it’s the body that reminds you now and then that you aren’t. Just stepping up on those high steps in Cosala took more thought than it should have.
Bill just went up to the office to see what happened to the TV man. If he’s not going to show up today we’ll take off for some where. Talked to TV man it can’t be done, have to be a citizen of Mexico or Canada to get Sky TV. Oh well.
So we went to El Quelite. Its about 25 miles from Mazatlan inland. Went there last year a couple of times and really liked it. It is just a little town of about 2500 people. It was founded in 1531 and many of the original families still live there. It was and still is a mostly agricultural town. All of the houses are kept painted and repaired (the fronts of them anyway.) And the flowers – everywhere, every kind. Cobblestone streets, little markets and children and men riding their burros and horses through town.
Notice the machete in front of the saddle
He was in a hurry.
Going into town we stopped to ask an older gentleman what he was stirring in a big pot out next to the street. He was heating up his oil to fry/boil chicharrones –fried pork rind.
We thanked him and drove on.
We parked on the main street and walked to the restaurant we remembered from last year, El Meson de Los Laureanos. It is like walking into a museum and a jungle.
And the food is excellent. We ordered breakfast. Before the meal you are brought coffee, juice, tortilla chips, salsa, a dish of fresh fruit and a dish of cheese from the factory in town.
After breakfast you get a sweet dish. All for US$15. All the foods served are from the area.
We sat at a table outside under big trees and huge bougainvilleas of all colors. There is a resident parrot there that kept yelling “Hola.” At least this time he didn’t try to fly away.
Pictures of the restaurant.
And the bathrooms – incredible. The men’s room has hands on the wall that the water comes out of for the sink
and a pig as a urinal.
The ladies bathroom has trumpets for the water to come out of. Lots of tiles in both rooms. And keys turn on the water. Just a wonder. A link to some information about the restaurant.
El Meson de los Laureanos Restaurant Review – The Father of Rural Tourism in Mazatlan Welcomes You to his Home
After eating we just walked around town, it isn’t so big you can’t do that. Admired the cactus
He is growing a beard
This one is just wrinkled
and flowers growing everywhere.

Listened to the roosters crowing and the birds singing from all the trees.
And met this boy who wanted to know if wanted to buy a chicken. Nope!

Much more from El Quelite later.

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