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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Art Walk in Mazatlan and Chinese take out

Saturday p.m.
About Friday – It was very cold here – I was wearing long sleeves and my fleece vest in the evening. And still windy but not as bad as Thursday.
We have extended our stay here until Feb 25th – it is so much cheaper to pay RV park by the month than the week that it makes sense to stay longer. Make sense?
I still can’t get over how good I feel after feeling so bad for a couple of weeks. Hooray!
We drove over to the old dirstrict again and just walked around and in and out some of the stores we hadn’t been in yet. Went into one that was kind of like a Dollar General. Same type of merchandise. Bought a package of hangers and a package of small plastic refrigerator storage containers. Then we saw this. Haven’t seen milk in a plastic bag since our trip to Argentina in 1978. Didn’t know they still sold it. Click on this link
http://www.movingon1.com/peruchanchan.html  to see where we were first introduced to milk in bags - about half way down the page I mention them.
Milk bags
Also found another yardage store – but just looked around – mostly the yardage was very fancy. For wedding or formal dresses. Very pretty stuff. Just wandered around. Why you have to watch your step while walking here. The round holes were supposed to have lights in them. Now they are empty???? Also the sidewalks are very uneven – up and down by a couple of inches.
Watch Your Step
Lots of outside vendors. This is a favorite. Shredded coconut in different flavors.
Also selling dates and gum drops
After finishing there we took short trip to WalMart needed some groceries and I was looking for something I thought I’d seen there but couldn’t find it -Pimento Cheese spread. Bill did find milanese meat though so now he’ll have to spend one day cooking up a bunch. And I got some green and red cabbage to make coleslaw. Hope I can remember how to make it. The coleslaw here all has peas and carrots in it. Ick. From there we went to another market and found Chinese take out. Both got combo meals and headed back to Jennie to eat. It was good! and had enough left over for another meal.
After eating I laid down to read and woke up three hours later – just barely got to watch the sunset while on the way to the Art Walk in the Historic District.
Pretty at Night
The first Friday of every month a lot of the studios and art galleries stay open late. I’ve wanted to do this for a couple of years but for one reason or another we missed it. It was well worth it and we didn’t get to half of the places.
We started out at the Plaza Machado and visited the gallery in the Hotel Machado. A couple of nice oil paintings in there, but was closely watched so couldn’t take any pictures. Right in front of the hotel the gazebo was all lit up and a band was setting up.
Band that changed our plans for the evening
From there we walked a block to Nidart – I’ve mentioned it before – he makes leather masks. But saw this there this time. Fell in love with it. The details on the face are amazing.
About 18 inches tall
Bill and the owner of the gallery, Rafael had struck up quite a friendship when we were in here a couple of weeks ago and he gave Bill instructions on how to make the leather masks. Well the friendship grew last night and Rafael ended up walking us up the street to an art school – Limon Y Mango - that he helps sponsor and teaches at. The outside of the building

When they were in the process of restoring the building they were cleaning the walls and discovered these wonderful frescos

This floor tile is over 160 years old and original to the home.

This is one of the interesting pieces of art the students had on display. It is a clay depiction of a water fountain. Check out the PVC pipe and tire base - you can see the tread on the tires and the seams in the pipe and the water drips. Its about 12 inches tall. I loved it.

This is the top of the wall in one of the open work areas.

From there we crossed the street and went to the pent house of a condo where an artist was displaying his oils. A couple of them were outstanding – especially one of a ballerina. Did not get a picture of her but did get one of these peppers – I like the colorfulness of it.

Then we visited a beaded jewelry shop – got some ideas for myself there and another oil painting gallery – he did quite a few pictures of chickens – cute but……
I had planned out our whole evening:
          1. Watch the sunset as we drove towards the Centro Historico
          2. Go to the Art Walk
          3. Have dinner in the new Argentine restaurant in the Plaza
          4. Watch the first Carnaval parade at 9:30 starting from the Plaza.
Well the best laid plans of mice and men - I’ll explain. I woke up late from my nap so missed most of the sunset. We did do part of the Art Walk, but because of late start missed a lot of places. Dinner at the restaurant was postponed also. By the time we were ready to eat a VERY loud brass band had set up in the gazebo – we could hear it from two blocks away. And the Argentine restaurant is right in front of the gazebo with outdoor seating.

We couldn’t hear each other scream at each other – let alone sit through a meal.

The Band - turn your speakers down!

It was too cold to just stand around waiting for the parade to start so we left and came home to finish our Chinese take out.
It was still a fun evening.
Today, Saturday we revisited La Noria and Puerta de Canoas and asked about Zip Lining. Oh Yah.
I've been sitting here fooling with this blog and have added a couple features to it. The first is an About Us page - its right under the  header picture - I'll add to it and add more tabs as I get inspired. Have also added a "Follower" section - so you can add your name and be notified of updates as I do them.
It's fun playing with this.

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Anonymous said...

wow, you two are having quite an adventure. Glad you get to spend so much time doing what you like! I have been keeping busy with some quilting. Take care. Terry